How Not to Squander Your Vote

By Jeff Jacoby Globe Columnist,Updated October 3, 2020

Four years ago, when the Democratic and Republican parties nominated for president two remarkably untrustworthy, unpopular, and unprincipled candidates, I was one of the more than 7 million voters who cast my ballot for someone other than Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. In so doing, I was repeatedly told, I was squandering my vote, throwing it away on a candidate who couldn’t possibly win the White House — an unconscionable act of civic irresponsibility in a year when so much was at stake. In the weeks leading up to the election, hearing that I intended to vote for the Libertarian candidate, agitated Trump backers implored me to see that I would be helping to elect Clinton; fervent Clinton supporters warned that a vote for anyone but the former secretary of state was effectively a vote to send Trump to the White House.

Again and again I was told: “Don’t waste your vote.”

I didn’t waste my vote. Nor will I do so next month, when I again mark my presidential ballot for the Libertarian candidate — this time, the entrepreneur and academic Jo Jorgensen.

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