Dr. Jorgensen in mile high city to ‘Focus on Liberty’ at ‘unconvention’

GREENVILLE, S.C.; Aug. 28, 2020 On Friday Libertarian presidential nominee Dr. Jo Jorgensen will speak to a sold-out rally taking place during the Libertarian Party of Colorado’s 2020 Focus on Liberty UNConvention.

Touring across the country for her “Real Change for Real People“ campaign, Jorgensen has garnered support for her Libertarian platform of reducing the size of the federal government, ending the war on drugs, providing a Social Security opt-out program, and eliminating government regulations that hamper competition and innovation in clean-energy technologies.

“I will work to remove government barriers to replacing coal-burning and oil-burning power plants in the U.S. with safe, non-polluting, high-tech nuclear power plants – and allowing off-grid use of solar power,” Jorgensen said about her free-market solutions. “Most pollution is generated in developing countries, so reducing pollution worldwide requires cost-efficient, zero-emission energy sources like nuclear.”

“We warmly welcome Jo Jorgensen to the great state of Colorado, the birthplace of the Libertarian Party, where America’s love for individual freedom was reborn nearly 50 years ago,” said Libertarian Party (LP) of Colorado State Chairman, Victoria Reynolds. “She may have launched her presidential campaign in South Carolina, but it is in Colorado where she will show America that she can stick her landing.” 

Also set to speak at the UNConvention is LP U.S. Senate candidate, Raymon Doane, who says the LP provides an alternative to the duopoly and that the LP’s policies of greater liberty and personal responsibility having the best track record for delivering prosperity. “It really moves beyond affiliation,” said Doane. “The difference is whether a party’s policies wind up making people suffer, or helping them to thrive.”

In the evening following the rally, Jorgensen will attend the sold-out 1920s evening Gala and banquet.

Dr. Jorgensen’s campaign stop in Colorado features down-ticket candidates, includes media availability, and is scheduled as follows (subject to change; times shown in local time zone):

Saturday, August 29; Parker, Colorado 
12–2:30 P.M.: Available for media, by appointment 
4:30–6 P.M.: UNConvention rally (ticketed event), Vehicle Vault, 18301 Lincoln Meadows Pkwy. 
6–9 P.M.: Roaring 20s Gala Dinner (ticketed event), Vehicle Vault, 18301 Lincoln Meadows Pkwy.

The same day, Jorgensen’s vice-presidential running mate, Jeremy “Spike” Cohen, will be greeting supporters and voter in San Diego on the southwest leg of the campaign bus tour. For a full list of the candidates’ upcoming campaign events, visit Jo20.com/events.

Media advisory: Rain or shine! The candidate will have media availability at most tour stops. A mult box will be available at the rallies, although no risers. Personal distancing protocols will be followed; hand sanitizer and masks will be provided.  

For questions or to schedule an interview with Dr. Jorgensen during her visits, contact: