The despicable 9-11 attacks were a major shock to the American people. We were afraid and we were angry.

Our political leaders used our fear and anger to invade Iraq and add new components of a police state. Nineteen years later we are still carrying these burdens.

Democratic politician Rahm Emmanuel once said that politicians should never let a crisis go to waste. Well, I’m here to ask the American people to be on guard against this – and to push back. It’s a new way you can remember 9-11 for a new purpose.

Politicians are now using our fear of COVID-19 to justify unprecedented power grabs:

Governors have ordered a partial shut down of the economy, leaving large corporate retail chains to profit while thousands of small businesses, often selling the same goods, have been forced out of business. Twenty-five million Americans lost their jobs.

Federal politicians have engaged in the highest and most reckless levels of government spending in American history, even going so far as to allow the Federal Reserve to directly bail out corporations by buying their securities with money they printed out of thin air. Then keeping their purchases a secret from American taxpayers.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) had assumed that its authority to control infectious diseases somehow gives them the power to call a moratorium on evictions of those who don’t pay their rent, under the preposterous claim that this will slow the spread of COVID. This relatively small health care bureaucracy has issued an edict that puts low-income property owners across American in the perilous position of losing rental income to tenants who are making as much as $200k year.

It’s time to say no!

Not only must we reject these power grabs, but it’s also high time we take away the runaway powers of elected and unelected government officials.

How? By voting Libertarian Jo Jorgensen for president – and every other Libertarian on your ballot this November.

Be vigilant. Remember 9-11 and stand strong against exploitative politicians. Vote Libertarian.

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