The best way to defend American security is for politicians to stop making unnecessary enemies. And the first step toward encouraging good behavior in others is to avoid criminality in our own policies. The Trump administration has failed to do both things with regard to Iran and Venezuela. 

On [[other:|August 13th the U.S. diverted Greek tankers to Houston and stole the Iranian oil they contained]], which had been bound for Venezuela. This was a crime. It was an act of piracy and theft. It was also an act of war against both Iran and Venezuela. And it will harm the starving people of the latter country while doing little or nothing to bring them freedom and improved living conditions. 

Had Iran or Venezuela done the same thing to U.S. shipping Americans would be howling for military retaliation. This is how our politicians create enemies and start wars. Such criminality may serve the financial needs of the Military-Industrial Complex, but it harms American security and world peace. 

As President, I would end all such acts of aggression. I would make the U.S. into a giant Switzerland, armed but neutral. 

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