If elected president I will protect America’s national security in the most direct, efficient, and obvious way possible. I will stop making unnecessary enemies for the American people. 

Our wars and meddling have made Americans less free, less prosperous, and less safe. We have created new and unneeded enemies wherever we have intervened. This has created dangers that would not otherwise exist. 

Meanwhile, Congress and the President have become subservient to the interests of the Military-Industrial Complex. The defense industry needs enemies, but the American people do not.

I will end all current wars and occupations. I will bring home all U.S. troops from every corner of the globe. I will work to reduce defense spending to a level sufficient for homeland defense. Let wealthy Europe, Korea, and Japan pay for their own defense. I will make America into a giant Switzerland, armed but neutral. 

This will not only make us safer, it will also make us richer, by putting scarce resources to more productive purposes.