President Trump and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi have renewed negotiations for a new stimulus bill. If the new bill is anything like the CARES Act it will be full of handouts to cronies. I have a cure for this problem. 

I have endorsed the Read the Bills Act, which has been introduced in the Senate by Rand Paul. (S. 3879). This bill would require Congress to read every word of every bill they want to pass. That would have been impossible with the CARES Act. It was too long to read. So the Read the Bills Act might have saved us trillions of dollars by making it harder for Congress to pass big bills. 

But congressional leaders would still attempt to cluster unrelated items into smaller spending bills. That’s why I’ve also endorsed the One Subject at a Time Act. This bill has been introduced in the House (HR 2240) and in the Senate by Rand Paul (S. 3845). The One Subject at a Time Act would prevent Congress from clustering unrelated proposals. They would have to consider each spending project, one at a time. This would bring transparency and make it harder for politicians to give handouts to cronies. 

These bills were created by Libertarians, and you can expect more of the same when you elect Libertarians to public office.