The United States is ruled by a cartel. That cartel is managed by three institutions, the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, and the mainstream media.

The mainstream media limits coverage to the Democrats and Republicans. Those two parties then run presidential debates that only include cartel members.

All three debates will be moderated by elite members of the mainstream media. This is typical.

The American people should notice several things about these cartel debates…

Three candidates will appear on all 50 state ballots. The cartel will only let you hear from two of them.

Both cartel candidates favor endless war, government-run health care, and high government debt. The positions for peace and neutrality, free-market health care, and ending new debt will be missing, even though I am available to defend that view.

This means the debates will lack the diversity that the Democrats falsely claim to champion.

It also means the cartel debates are PC debates. It’s politically incorrect to talk about certain issues, even if a majority of Americans support them. And that makes the debates fake, to borrow a term from President Trump.

Lastly, these debates are illegitimate. And the electoral result they generate will be the spawn of corruption.