Libertarian presidential candidate meets supporters, media in Phoenix, L.A., Sacramento

GREENVILLE, S.C.; October 10, 2020—  Today Dr. Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian presidential nominee, who appears on all 50 states’ ballots (plus D.C.), will be in the Phoenix area to garner support for her platform, which includes reducing the size and scope of the federal government, bringing American troops home from foreign entanglement to protect U.S. shores, providing a truly free market in health care, and ending drug prohibition and pardoning nonviolent, victimless federal drug offenders so they may return to their families.

Joining Jorgensen in Scottsdale to speak to supporters and media will be Judge John Buttrick, former chair of LP Arizona, Leilani Kauakahi, co-chair of the First Nations Advisory Council, and Marc J. Victor, the 2012 Libertarian candidate for U.S. senate in Arizona and president of Attorneys for Freedom.

On Sunday, Jorgensen will head to the Golden State for a midday meet-and-greet fundraiser in Anaheim, followed by an evening rally in Roseville, reaching out to Californians eager to hear her campaign’s hopeful message of “Real Change for Real People.”

“California, like many states, has suffered under government’s picking of winners and losers, keeping large corporate stores open while dismissing small businesses as unessential and claiming they are not responsible enough to address health and safety concerns in order to stay open,” said Honor “Mimi” Robson, chair of the Libertarian Party of California. “Dr. Jorgensen has talked about sensible approaches, where small businesses can employ sanitary and social distancing measures just as effectively as the large corporate stores, which have been allowed to remain open during these many months.”

“People don’t need to be forced by the government to take the coronavirus seriously. People naturally want to protect their own health and the health of the elderly and those with preexisting conditions,” said Jorgensen. “While I believe wearing masks is a good idea, the government should not force individuals to wear masks against their will. However, private organizations and private property owners should do what they think is necessary, of course, to protect their customers, employees, and constituencies. That may include requiring masks, social distancing, or other measures.”

Much of California is still on lock-down, with many counties banning indoor dining, and schools being forced to use distance learning. At its events, the Jorgensen campaign encourages people to wear masks and employ social distancing, and they encourage those not feeling well to stay home.

Jorgensen’s campaign stops feature LP leaders and down-ballot candidates, include media availability and are scheduled as follows (subject to change; times are shown in local time zone):

Saturday, October 10; Scottsdale, Ariz.
4:20–5:30 P.M.: Eldorado Park2311 N. Miller Road, Scottsdale
Sunday, October 11; Anaheim, Calif.
11 A.M.– 1 P.M.: Brewheim1931 E. Wright Circle, Anaheim
Sunday, October 11; Sacramento, Calif.
5:15–7 P.M.: Acton Academy Placer725 Vernon Street, Roseville

Dr. Jorgensen’s vice-presidential running mate, Jeremy “Spike” Cohen, will be campaigning this weekend in the south, making appearances in Atlanta today, Birmingham on Sunday, and Savannah on Monday. For a full list of the candidates’ upcoming campaign events, visit

Media advisory: Rain or shine! The candidate will have media availability at most tour stops. A mult box will be available at the rallies, although no risers. Personal distancing protocols will be followed; the campaign will provide hand sanitizer and masks.  

For questions or to schedule an interview with the candidates during these campaign stops, contact: