Democrats favored peace when a Republican was in office, but forgot all about it when a Democrat was elected. President Trump won votes by promising to end wars, but all the wars still continue four years later. And now President Trump has just increased tensions with Iran, yet again. 

On October 8, the President announced brutal new sanctions against Iran. These sanctions are more likely to hurt the Iranian people than Iran’s leaders. This should remind everyone of the U.S. sanctions against Iraq back in 1990. Those sanctions killed vast numbers of civilians and were among the motivations for the 9-11 attacks. 

We need to do something new. We need to divorce ourselves from Iran. And the American people need to adopt a peace candidate on Election Day. I am the only peace candidate available to all voters, and I promise you, if elected, I will stop trying to fix Iran. I will lift all sanctions against them. I will stop threatening them. Their future must be decided by the Iranians themselves, not by the President of the United States or Congress. If you like the sound of that, then vote for Jo Jorgensen, Libertarian for President.