Military spending is spread throughout the budget. It totals more than $1 trillion per year. Just Pentagon spending alone is more than the spending of the next seven largest military countries combined!

To fight whom exactly? There is no threat or combination of threats that justify such a budget.

And we don’t even know what we’re getting for our money. The Pentagon refused audits until 2018, when it finally completed one – and failed miserably!

We do know that the F-35 has wasted nearly $1 trillion – equal to our entire defense spending for a year. On one project! The waste and incompetence don’t stop there. But there can be no incentive to perform when Congress and the president always give the Pentagon a blank check.

Meanwhile, 25 trillion dollars in national debt represents a real threat to American security. We must stop spending and borrowing so much.

As President, I will veto any military spending bill that does not cut defense spending dramatically.

This will allow us to finally balance the federal budget, so we stop adding to the nation’s debt. When we return financial resources to the private sector, we’ll see millions of new, private-sector jobs for our military personnel to choose from.