President Trump has been tweeting to libertarian voters, claiming he will finally end the wars he promised to end four years ago. But libertarian voters should keep a few facts in mind…

The number of troops and the amount of bombing in Afghanistan actually went up during Trump’s first term. 

The troop levels started at 8,500 when he was inaugurated, and rose to as high as 14,000. 

And in 2019 he dropped the largest number of bombs in nearly a decade, and he is continuing to bomb in spite of signing a peace agreement with the Taliban in February. 

It’s true that President Trump is currently reducing the number of troops (from 8,600 to 4,500) but he’s not withdrawing altogether, and more troops could be returned if he wins re-election. Meanwhile, he is continuing to agitate against Iran. 

Biden isn’t offering libertarians anything on the peace front either. Biden has promised to keep at least a small force in Afghanistan pretty much forever. 

That word peace, it doesn’t seem to mean what Trump and Biden think it means. Americans who want peace should vote Libertarian.