While others squabble over which political gang should pick the next Supreme Court justice, I’ll tell you the kind of person I would choose. My selection would have two primary qualities…

  1. An ability to read, comprehend, and apply simple English
  2. The integrity to do what the Constitution actually says, NOT what they wish it said.

The result would be a Justice who protects individual liberty and personal responsibility on all issues at all times. Specifically…

The 9th Amendment protects a general right to liberty. This means we should all be free to do as we choose, provided we don’t violate the equal right of others to do the same.

The 10th Amendment limits the federal government to narrow powers and functions.

The 1st Amendment protects an individual right to a freedom-of-the-press, which would render most campaign finance laws instantly illegal.

The 2nd Amendment protects an individual right to keep-and-bear-arms, free from state regulation.

The 4th Amendment protects Americans from warrantless spying and makes no exceptions just because cowardly politicians fear terrorism.

The ‘commerce clause’ was intended to create a national free-market, NOT a centralized economy controlled by top-down regulatory dictates.

The “general welfare clause’ means that laws must benefit Americans generally. But Supreme Court opinions have fostered a system that serves special interests.

The Constitution provides an amendment process. The Supreme Court has no right to replace that process with judicial fiat. If a need is truly compelling then let it be demonstrated through the amendment process.

Having a Supreme Court that can read, comprehend, and apply simple English would be profound. Most current federal activities would be judged illegal, leaving a government that protects rather than violates our life, liberty, and property.