I’m counting down the benefits you would gain by electing me president. Let’s talk about healthcare…

When you pay premiums to insurance companies and taxes to the government to fund your healthcare, those institutions take a cut. Using insurance companies and the government as bill paying services makes your healthcare more expensive. Doctors also need more staff to comply with insurance and government payment requirements.

When politicians mandate what insurance must cover, the insurance companies love the extra business, but you pay higher premiums. If politicians required your car insurance to pay for gasoline and oil changes, your car insurance would be super-expensive. Political mandates make health insurance more expensive in exactly this way.

When people think someone else (the government or insurance companies) is somehow magically giving them free healthcare, they tend to overuse healthcare services. This drives up costs and wait times.

When doctors and hospitals get all their money from insurance companies and the government they stop showing you what things cost before they treat you. This lack of visible prices contributes to overuse. It also opens the door for surprise bills that come later.

When doctors and hospitals work for insurance companies and the government, they no longer work for you. This also means they no longer compete for your business. The lack of competition means that prices tend to be set politically, by the government Medicare authorities, instead of by the free market forces of supply and demand.

What is or is not covered is also set by government bureaucrats, which sometimes wastefully covers things you don’t need and disallows medical services you do need.

We need to replace political control of healthcare with consumer control. That means we need more cash payments by patients, and less use of insurance companies and the government as expensive bill-paying services.

I would work to end all government mandates on insurance policies.

I would allow health insurance policies to be sold across state lines.

I would allow health insurance costs to be deductible for individuals the same way they are for employers. You would no longer feel stuck in a job just to keep your insurance plan.

I will work to end certificates of need that restrict the supply of healthcare services.

I will give Medicare and Medicaid recipients more control over their healthcare dollars, so they will have incentives to use healthcare services more frugally.

All of these steps will serve to revive cash payments for healthcare, restore visible prices and competition, restore consumer control, reduce wait times, and reduce costs.

I believe my free-market reforms would cut healthcare costs by 75% while also reducing wait times and improving quality. No other candidate is offering you anything nearly this good.