I’m counting down the things I would do for you if elected president. Let’s talk about COVID-19 policy. I believe freedom works, even for pandemics. Look at all the examples…

Sports leagues started canceling their seasons before the politicians took any action at all.

Groceries created special shopping hours for at-risk people. They also established social distancing measures and scheduled mask-optional and mask-mandatory shopping times.

Businesses started creating work-at-home opportunities while the politicians were still blathering.

Companies had testing kits ready to go early on, but bureaucrats blocked them, and are still blocking them.

I think the early policies people adopted freely were better than the policies the politicians imposed later.

As president, I will not impose COVID-19 policies on the American people. I will let them set their own policies, and make their own decisions about taking vaccines or what tests to use. I will use my position to persuade governors and mayors to do the same. If necessary, I will instruct the Attorney General to sue governors and mayors who violate constitutional protections.