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“State government mandates to close hundreds of thousands of small businesses, which threw millions of people out of work, failed to curtail COVID-19 infection rates. America now needs a swift economic recovery.

We can accomplish this by ending the many ways in which government stands in the way of job creation: massive over-regulation, occupational licensing, government permitting and zoning requirements, and high government spending.”

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, state governments have taken the drastic step of mandating the closure of hundreds of thousands of small businesses and throwing millions of people out of work.

While large retailers deemed to be selling “essential” products were allowed to remain open, tens of thousands of small retailers, including ones that were selling the same goods sold by the big chains, were forced to close. The longer they remained closed, the smaller their chances of ever reopening their doors.

These draconian mandates failed to curtail COVID-19 infection rates. At most, they helped to “flatten the curve” early on, but have done nothing since then to protect people’s health. Many families are now in dire financial straits. Unemployment remains dangerously high.

I trust the American people, who are far more capable than politicians and bureaucrats when it comes to deciding what measures to take to prevent disease while making the proper trade-offs between caution and economic harm.

As a result of the shutdowns, our economy has suffered great losses. America needs a swift economic recovery. We can accomplish this by ending the many ways in which government stands in the way of job creation.

Democrats and Republicans have created 450 federal agencies that publish more than 60,000 pages of regulations every year, which make it difficult and costly to run a business.

Small companies often can’t afford the administrative overhead to comply with endless red tape. Big companies survive while small companies go under.

This is especially insidious when politicians allow their corporate sponsors to help write the regulations that govern their industries. The result is fewer businesses and jobs at the bottom, and more concentration of jobs and income at the top. 

America is losing ground to countries where entrepreneurs are freer to operate. Our country used to allow for businesses to be quickly and easily started while the rest of the world was mired in economic malaise due to heavy-handed government controls. This is why America became the greatest economic power on earth.

But today, fifteen countries, including the UK, Australia, Norway and New Zealand, offer businesses more freedom than we do. We must reverse this trend so that American businesses can compete successfully in worldwide markets.

Millions of Americans are shut out of a job by licensing laws. When politicians decide who’s allowed to work in a profession and who isn’t, special interest groups lobby to keep out competitors. Qualified workers, and those who could easily become qualified, get locked out.

As president, I will end all federal government licensing requirements on workers and will encourage states to do the same.

Government permitting and zoning requirements are another way that the government kills jobs. Onerous rules subject construction projects to long and costly delays. Lifting these requirements will create millions of jobs, while making more housing available at a lower cost.  

Democratic and Republican politicians claim they’ll create jobs by spending and regulating more.  But unemployment remains high today, even after the spending of more than $3 trillion on economic stimulus this year. 

Spending more tax dollars to get out of a recession doesn’t work; cutting spending does. The great postwar boom of the late 40s and 50s happened only after Congress cut spending by the largest amounts in history. And the stagflation of the 70s ended only after the federal government loosened its grip on the economy.

Dollars spent by politicians create less than half as many jobs as the same money spent in the private sector. Why? Because government is wasteful, clumsy, redundant, and often corrupt. That’s why every dollar we take out of government coffers and return to taxpayers who earn it will create twice as many jobs.  

As president, one of my highest priorities will be lowering government spending and taxes to give us more jobs. My goal is to eliminate or reduce any departments or government programs that are better served by the productive, job-creating private sector.

I will work tirelessly to replace government regulation with natural market regulation, which is far more effective and sensible. Forming new businesses will be easier than ever.

Ending government shutdowns and removing government barriers to job creation will ensure that well-paying jobs will be plentiful. This is how we get America back on its feet and create sustainable growth and prosperity.