government spending & Debt

“As President, I will use my Constitutional authority to block any new borrowing. I will veto any spending bill that would lead to a deficit, and veto any debt ceiling increase.  I will give every Cabinet secretary a specific spending reduction target to meet and hold them accountable.  There is simply no excuse for sticking our children and grandchildren with the bill for these bipartisan bloated budgets.”

Every second of every day, the government accumulates more debt. Some in Washington demand increases in domestic spending, while others demand increases in military spending. So what do they do? They come to a bipartisan compromise by increasing both.

If I am elected president, my veto pen is sure to need a lot of extra ink.

It is immoral to saddle future generations with trillions of dollars of debt. Thanks to the irresponsible practices of the federal government, every child owes an average of over $60,000 at the moment they’re born.

That’s why I will veto any bill that increases spending, borrowing, deficits, or debt ceilings.

Runaway spending is made possible by the Federal Reserve. When the federal government isn’t able to raise taxes or borrow enough, it simply prints more money. Since the Fed was created over a century ago, the American dollar has lost 96% of its value.

We should reduce regulations to allow cryptocurrency and any other form of currency, to enter the market.

As your president, I will first audit and then end the Federal Reserve. Ending the Fed’s manipulation of interest rates would mean more market stability. Investors could get accurate signals on market conditions instead of being misled by Fed manipulation.

Just as the last presidential administration added more debt than that of all prior presidents combined, the current administration has done the same. The federal deficit has tripled since 2005. Our high national debt puts a strain on the economy and slows our country’s economic growth

Tax cuts are important, but they are rendered useless if we do not also address the out-of-control spending we see year after year enabled by both major parties and both the executive and Congress.

Government cannot possibly know the specifics of what is needed in local communities or how money can be spent most effectively. What results is an abundance of waste and the diversion of money from more worthy causes, chosen by the people who earned it.

My plans to cut government spending reach across my entire agenda, whether it is in health care, military, criminal justice, or education.

When it comes to cutting spending, we cannot take any solutions off the table. I would encourage baseline budgeting. Instead of assuming an increase, we start at zero every year, and then we decide what is vital.

I would eliminate any departments or executive agencies which are not necessary — and there are plenty of them. For those remaining, I will give each cabinet
secretary a
specific spending reduction target to meet each year so they can be held accountable.

It’s time for the government to balance its checkbook in the same way American families do.

As President, I will use my constitutional authority to block any new borrowing. There is simply no excuse for sticking our children and grandchildren with the
bill for these bipartisan bloated budgets.