trade & immigration

The freedom to trade and travel is fundamental to human liberty. As American citizens, we should be free to travel anywhere we choose, and to buy and sell anywhere in the world. As President, I will use my Constitutional authority to eliminate trade barriers & tariffs, and work to repeal arbitrary quotas on the number of people who can legally enter the United States to work, visit, or reside.

The freedom to trade and travel is fundamental to human liberty. As American citizens, we should be free to buy and sell anywhere in the world

History shows that peaceful commerce prevents conflict. When goods don’t cross borders, troops do. This Republican administration has raised prices for Americans, provoked retaliatory tariffs, and harmed American industries. Meanwhile, his opponent in the Democratic Party promises more of the same protectionism. I am the only free trade candidate for president.

Free trade boosts the prosperity of both the United States and our world neighbors. Because of specialization across nations, countries exchange not just final products, but also the intermediate parts needed to create goods. Extreme poverty around the world has been reduced by over half over the last 30 years, in large part due to free trade policies.

The expansion of trade over the last 70 years has also resulted in an average of $18,000 more to each American household, with the benefits being felt most disproportionately by the poorest among us. Freer trade also benefits the lowest income workers by increasing wages. This lowers the demand for government assistance.

On the other hand, protectionism has been tried before and has been shown time and again to lead to lower productivity, more unemployment, and higher inequality. Attempts to “protect” American jobs and markets too often result in both less choice for consumers and a failure to resuscitate failing industries as desired. Worse yet, it actually makes them even more likely to fail.

It is true that other countries have imposed trade barriers. But reflexively adding barriers of our own as retribution harms no one but ourselves. Higher costs are simply passed on to consumers and workers in the name of this economic nationalism. Tariffs are nothing more than another tax.

As President, I will dismantle all tariffs and any other trade barriers which prevent the flow of goods and services into our country. Americans deserve the best, and it does not matter from where the best may come. It’s about making sure that the American economy is working smarter rather than harder. Rather than wasting valuable resources and trying to match countries who are better able to perform in certain industries, our economy should be geared toward what we do best.

Our policies on immigration should be just as free and open. While the ethnicities and countries of origin have changed, the American legacy of what immigration is supposed to be remains the same: different cultures held together by the values of inclusion and acceptance; a shining city upon a hill welcoming the tired, poor, and huddled masses.

Again, our reality stands in stark contrast to our promises. Last year, there were nearly 1 million apprehensions at the Southern border, more than double the year before. There have been an average of nearly 400,000 deportations annually since 2008. The government has made it significantly harder to seek asylum, and the “simplest” paths toward legal immigration still take years and thousands of dollars to complete.

Much as with trade, the two major parties are the same. The Republican president has constantly demonized immigrants and made every effort to stop legal immigration; his Democratic challenger was second in command of an administration which deported more people than any other in American history. I am the only pro-immigration candidate.

Immigrants are a positive for the United States. The data is clear: Immigrants commit less crime and consume less in government benefits than native-born Americans, and this generation of immigrants has assimilated at a quicker rate than any prior group. Rather than taking jobs which supposedly belong to natives, they actually create more job opportunities for those in the United States. Even some of the lowest estimates figure that the world would be $78 trillion richer with open and free immigration across all borders, a doubling of global income.

These innumerable economic benefits aside, the issue of immigration rests most closely upon the values of charity and morality. The United States should symbolize a helping hand to those in need and build bridges instead of walls.

I will work with Congress to repeal arbitrary quotas on the number of people who can legally enter the United States to work, visit, or reside and to comprehensively reform the immigration process, shorten waiting times, and expand visas. We should provide a pathway to citizenship for the millions of undocumented persons already in the United States. If people want to immigrate to the United States and contribute to our country, they should be able to, and there should be no hurdles standing in their way.

I would like to see the United States welcome new citizens into our country the way my grandparents were welcomed when they immigrated here almost one hundred years ago.