Jo Jorgensen has “impeccable credentials”

From Brandon Kirby of Libertarian Republic 

Jo Jorgensen has arrived within the liberty movement. She has impeccable credentials as a libertarian and carries with her an impressive resume. This is a breath of fresh air when contrasted against two big-spending, misogynist, war criminals, who for reasons that escape me, don’t seem to believe that a country can be destroyed by debt.

Resumes are under appreciated in the realm of politics. All too often voters succumb to rhetoric over resumes. In no other field would this be acceptable.

If I were to hire some electricians to handle electrical work and I asked them what their credentials are and their response was to be, “Can we fix your electrical problems? YES WE CAN!”

Or perhaps I might receive a response of, “We’re going to make your electricity great again!”

Sadly, voters believed in that. This happened. There was nothing on Barack Obama’s resume that suggested he could lower America’s healthcare costs. There was nothing on Donald Trump’s resume that suggested he could get Mexico to pay for a wall.

With that we must turn to the resume of Jo Jorgensen. She built a million-dollar company in marketing software. She’s an academic as a lecturer in psychology. She has an MBA, and a Ph.D. in psychology.

It’s an excellent combination in that it combines essay writing intelligence with executional intelligence. Academics, teachers, lawyers, journalists, typically have essay writing intelligence, they tend to be better theoretical thinkers, and they typically lean to the left. Tradespeople, business people, engineers, have executional intelligence, they can bring a concept into reality, and they typically lean to the right.

Jorgensen has both. She built a business and lectured to the theoreticians. She can theorize and then bring it into being.

Jorgensen’s marketing background will serve her well in an election, as it has previously. She managed to double the Libertarian Party’s membership in her vice presidential run.

She’s recognized that a significant number of young people have an interest in the environment – an area libertarians have been negligent on, although we have excellent solutions.

She plans to transition the energy sector from coal and oil to nuclear by removing the governmental barriers to entry. This is starkly contrasted with the left-wing demand for carbon taxes – treating carbon as an elastic good is an economic guarantee of failure; and the right-wing position of denying the problem entirely.

She’s the only one of the lot to take the issue of bombing of Middle Eastern children seriously, and the only one to recognize that it isn’t a boost to Western security.

Herein lies the whole crux of the forfeiture of ethics. Regardless of what some Trump supporters or Biden fans might claim as the moral high ground, they both have serious ethical deficiencies. Trump has escalated arms sales to the Middle East and continued the genocidal war campaign in Yemen. Biden partnered with sex-trafficking terrorists in Libya, he instigated a bloody civil war in Syria and helped to start the genocidal war campaign in Yemen. These are evil people.

In steps a woman with credentials who opposes all of this bloody nonsense, who can help the economy, and who has a resume to suggest she’s capable of accomplishing these honorable goals. This is a find the likes of which the libertarian movement hasn’t found for quite some time.