Dr. Jo Jorgensen would restore consumer-controlled healthcare

I’m counting down the benefits you would gain by electing me president. Let’s talk about healthcare…

When you pay premiums to insurance companies and taxes to the government to fund your healthcare, those institutions take a cut. Using insurance companies and the government as bill paying services makes your healthcare more expensive. Doctors also need more staff to comply with insurance and government payment requirements.

When politicians mandate what insurance must cover, the insurance companies love the extra business, but you pay higher premiums. If politicians required your car insurance to pay for gasoline and oil changes, your car insurance would be super-expensive. Political mandates make health insurance more expensive in exactly this way.

When people think someone else (the government or insurance companies) is somehow magically giving them free healthcare, they tend to overuse healthcare services. This drives up costs and wait times.

When doctors and hospitals get all their money from insurance companies and the government they stop showing you what things cost before they treat you. This lack of visible prices contributes to overuse. It also opens the door for surprise bills that come later.

When doctors and hospitals work for insurance companies and the government, they no longer work for you. This also means they no longer compete for your business. The lack of competition means that prices tend to be set politically, by the government Medicare authorities, instead of by the free market forces of supply and demand.

What is or is not covered is also set by government bureaucrats, which sometimes wastefully covers things you don’t need and disallows medical services you do need.

We need to replace political control of healthcare with consumer control. That means we need more cash payments by patients, and less use of insurance companies and the government as expensive bill-paying services.

I would work to end all government mandates on insurance policies.

I would allow health insurance policies to be sold across state lines.

I would allow health insurance costs to be deductible for individuals the same way they are for employers. You would no longer feel stuck in a job just to keep your insurance plan.

I will work to end certificates of need that restrict the supply of healthcare services.

I will give Medicare and Medicaid recipients more control over their healthcare dollars, so they will have incentives to use healthcare services more frugally.

All of these steps will serve to revive cash payments for healthcare, restore visible prices and competition, restore consumer control, reduce wait times, and reduce costs.

I believe my free-market reforms would cut healthcare costs by 75% while also reducing wait times and improving quality. No other candidate is offering you anything nearly this good.

Dr. Jo Jorgesen would establish a COVID-19 policy that most people would like

I’m counting down the things I would do for you if elected president. Let’s talk about COVID-19 policy. I believe freedom works, even for pandemics. Look at all the examples…

Sports leagues started canceling their seasons before the politicians took any action at all.

Groceries created special shopping hours for at-risk people. They also established social distancing measures and scheduled mask-optional and mask-mandatory shopping times.

Businesses started creating work-at-home opportunities while the politicians were still blathering.

Companies had testing kits ready to go early on, but bureaucrats blocked them, and are still blocking them.

I think the early policies people adopted freely were better than the policies the politicians imposed later.

As president, I will not impose COVID-19 policies on the American people. I will let them set their own policies, and make their own decisions about taking vaccines or what tests to use. I will use my position to persuade governors and mayors to do the same. If necessary, I will instruct the Attorney General to sue governors and mayors who violate constitutional protections.

Dr. Jo Jorgensen promises to stop making enemies for the American people

If elected president I will protect America’s national security in the most direct, efficient, and obvious way possible. I will stop making unnecessary enemies for the American people. 

Our wars and meddling have made Americans less free, less prosperous, and less safe. We have created new and unneeded enemies wherever we have intervened. This has created dangers that would not otherwise exist. 

Meanwhile, Congress and the President have become subservient to the interests of the Military-Industrial Complex. The defense industry needs enemies, but the American people do not.

I will end all current wars and occupations. I will bring home all U.S. troops from every corner of the globe. I will work to reduce defense spending to a level sufficient for homeland defense. Let wealthy Europe, Korea, and Japan pay for their own defense. I will make America into a giant Switzerland, armed but neutral. 

This will not only make us safer, it will also make us richer, by putting scarce resources to more productive purposes.  

Dr. Jo Jorgensen promises to obey the Constitution and restore checks and balances

With less than ten days to go I want to review the things I would do for the American people. 

First, my oath of office will be sworn to the Constitution and the limitations it imposes, not to Congress and its dictates. The concept of checks and balances requires the President to resist congressional overreach. So I would resist the enforcement of unconstitutional laws. 

I would also veto all unconstitutional spending. 

I would pardon all non-violent victimless offenders and send them home to their families. 

I would end all unconstitutional wars and troop deployments. 

These steps alone would be sufficient to balance the budget, and to return vast resources to the American people. 

Jorgensen: What was not discussed in last night’s debate

Libertarian for President Dr. Jo Jorgensen responds to second bipartisan debate

“They avoided talking about key issues for which both candidates have a terrible track record,” said Libertarian candidate for president Dr. Jo Jorgensen of the October 22 debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden. “This is why I should have been on that stage. It would have forced these men to speak to key issues affecting Americans.”

She noted some of the critical issues not discussed in last night’s debate:

  1. The FDA and the CDC made a mess of COVID-19 testing. Free market efforts to provide testing kits are still being blocked today. 
  2. There are to 70-80k non-violent Americans, mostly people of color, locked up in federal prison who have harmed no one.
  3. Ending drug prohibition is the best way to reduce racial disparities and make our streets safer. 
  4. Our troops are still in the Middle East and Afghanistan. I would bring them home. 
  5. Free market health care would give us lowers costs and better care, even for pre-existing conditions.
  6. Parents should control education. I would end the Department of Education.
  7. Trump supported adding $3 trillion to the $27 trillion national debt, and Biden wants to borrow even more. 

You can watch the forum Jo did with Gary Nolan before the debate here. And below are Dr. Jo Jorgensen’s answers to the specific questions asked during last night’s debate..

Question: What would your COVID-19 policies be going forward?

Dr. Jo Jorgensen: I would remove bureaucratic obstacles to free-market testing kits. I would fight against shutdowns. Many governors and mayors have exceeded their constitutional authority. I would oppose them in court. 

Businesses should set their own COVID-19 policies. Stores could have mask-mandatory and mask-optional hours. People should be free to make their own healthcare choice. 

The idea that the military should distribute vaccines is laughable. Does anyone seriously believe the Pentagon can deliver anything better or faster than UPS or FedEx or Amazon? 

The idea that a mere politician can control vaccine production is both ignorant and dangerous. The president should not attempt to be the country’s pharmacist in chief.

Question: What would you do about foreign influence in U.S. elections?

Dr. Jo Jorgensen: Any possible foreign interference in U.S. elections pales compared with the rigging of elections that goes on right here at home. Examples include… 

  • excluding me from debates, though I’m on every ballot in all 50 states; 
  • excluding me from polls that would qualify me for debates; 
  • brownout by the national MSM; 
  • ballot access laws.

Question: What about North Korea?

Dr. Jo Jorgensen: The policy of regime change has made every dictator in the world want to have a nuclear weapon. North Korea’s nuclear arsenal keeps growing, despite heavy sanctions. I would stop meddling in the affairs of other nations. I want to make America like one giant Switzerland, armed but neutral. 

Question: What about pre-existing conditions? 

Dr. Jo Jorgensen: Before the federal government took significant control over health care in the 1960s, insurance policies were a fraction of today’s cost, in constant dollars – even for people with preexisting conditions. Government interference driven by special interests has made it 5 to 10 times more expensive than it needs to be, with worse quality. 

I will work to remove every barrier to free-market health care.

Politicians exacerbated this problem by creating tax incentives that tie health insurance to employment, This causes sick people to lose their coverage when they change jobs. My policies would allow Americans to own their policies independent of their jobs. This would solve many problems with pre-existing conditions. 

Question: What would you do about healthcare in general?

Dr. Jo Jorgensen: We haven’t had a free market in health care in over 100 years. I will work to remove every barrier to free-market health care. This will drive down costs by at least 75% and allow innovation to take off, making diagnosis and treatment far superior to what we have now.

The more politicians have tried to make healthcare cheaper, the more expensive it has become. This is true of every area of life where the politicians intervene to supposedly make things cheaper. We have seen it with healthcare, housing, and higher education. Tax-funding and political controls drive up costs. Current policies are written to serve the insurance companies. I would restore the free market. We would have visible prices, fewer third party payments, and more competition to lower costs. 

Question: What would you do about unemployment?

Dr. Jo Jorgensen: We need to shut-down the COVID-19 interventions so we can completely reopen the economy. I would try to persuade governors and mayors to do this, but I would also instruct the Attorney General to sue states and localities for violating constitutional protections. The 14th Amendment forbids lower governments from imposing costs on the American people without due process of law. I would protect Americans from dictatorial local politicians. I would absolutely reject stimulus bills that always serve to enrich cronies. 

I would also push for the massive deregulation of our economy. Our ability to compete in worldwide markets has been continually slipping over the last few decades, largely because hundreds of thousands of government rules and regulations hobble entrepreneurs. This must end.

Question: Would you raise the minimum wage?

Dr. Jo Jorgensen: Minimum wage laws cripple marginal businesses and make it hard for low skill people to get starter jobs. Minimum wage laws show favoritism for certain people who have jobs to the detriment of those who will lose their jobs and others who are forever shut out of the job market as a result. 

Moreover, Congress does not have the constitutional authority to impose wage rates.

Question; What would you do about immigration? 

Dr. Jo Jorgensen: Most people here illegally got here by overstaying their visas. A wall can do nothing about this problem. Many people also choose to stay here because it’s so hard to come and go across the border. I would make it easier. I would instead focus on making sure that only citizens vote and that getting rid of taxpayer-funded handouts to non-citizens. 

Question: What would you do about racist cops?

Dr. Jo Jorgensen: There is too much friction between cops and citizens because there are too many laws. I would work to reduce the number of laws, especially by ending drug prohibition. Drug prohibition is the main thing that killed Breonna Taylor. And it’s the main thing that leads to police violence. 

It also leads to violence on our streets, people breaking into homes who are desperate for a fix, unlabeled and dangerously-tainted drugs which are laced with deadly fentanyl, and massive injustices against people who never harmed another soul. It’s time for a drug peace.

Question: What would you do about the incarceration problem?

Dr. Jo Jorgensen:  I would pardon all non-violent offenders on Day 1 of my administration and work to end all victimless crime laws, especially drug prohibition. 

Question: How would you fight climate change while also creating jobs? 

Dr. Jo Jorgensen: We must do two things:

First, stop subsidizing particular forms of energy, such as oil and gas. No subsidies for any form of energy. We must create a level playing field and force the different forms of electricity generation to compete with each other.

Second, streamline and dramatically reduce regulations that have blocked nuclear energy for decades. 

This will result in a proliferation of zero-emission nuclear power plants that are cost-effective, safe, and clean.

Question: What would you do about families harmed living near oil refineries?

Dr. Jo Jorgensen: These issues must be addressed in courts where people can levy class-action lawsuits against polluters. This is the best and fairest way to address environmental issues that carefully take into consideration the concerns of all stakeholders. 

Question: What will you say to Americans who didn’t vote for you?  

Dr. Jo Jorgensen: Stay tuned! 

You’ll see how smaller government will allow our economy to thrive. 

You’ll see massive criminal justice reform – that will actually fix our problems. 

You’ll see clean nuclear energy power plants with zero-emissions under construction and poised to give us clean, safe, cost-effective energy. 

You’ll see an end to heavy-handed federal government bureaucrats trying to run your schools.

You’ll see health care that’s so low-cost that many people won’t need insurance, or will only need catastrophic care insurance at a very low cost. You’ll also see free health care clinics for the poor open up with no cost to taxpayers.

You’ll see our troops come home to their families. You’ll see an end to friction and conflict between the United States and other countries.

You’ll see an end to the spiraling growth of government debt. 

Dr. Jo Jorgensen warns libertarian voters against deceptive Trump peace claims

President Trump has been tweeting to libertarian voters, claiming he will finally end the wars he promised to end four years ago. But libertarian voters should keep a few facts in mind…

The number of troops and the amount of bombing in Afghanistan actually went up during Trump’s first term. 

The troop levels started at 8,500 when he was inaugurated, and rose to as high as 14,000. 

And in 2019 he dropped the largest number of bombs in nearly a decade, and he is continuing to bomb in spite of signing a peace agreement with the Taliban in February. 

It’s true that President Trump is currently reducing the number of troops (from 8,600 to 4,500) but he’s not withdrawing altogether, and more troops could be returned if he wins re-election. Meanwhile, he is continuing to agitate against Iran. 

Biden isn’t offering libertarians anything on the peace front either. Biden has promised to keep at least a small force in Afghanistan pretty much forever. 

That word peace, it doesn’t seem to mean what Trump and Biden think it means. Americans who want peace should vote Libertarian.

Dr. Jo Jorgensen challenges President Trump to end his policy of high seas piracy

The best way to defend American security is for politicians to stop making unnecessary enemies. And the first step toward encouraging good behavior in others is to avoid criminality in our own policies. The Trump administration has failed to do both things with regard to Iran and Venezuela. 

On [[other:https://www.nationalreview.com/2020/10/iran-and-venezuela-are-circumventing-american-energy-sanctions/|August 13th the U.S. diverted Greek tankers to Houston and stole the Iranian oil they contained]], which had been bound for Venezuela. This was a crime. It was an act of piracy and theft. It was also an act of war against both Iran and Venezuela. And it will harm the starving people of the latter country while doing little or nothing to bring them freedom and improved living conditions. 

Had Iran or Venezuela done the same thing to U.S. shipping Americans would be howling for military retaliation. This is how our politicians create enemies and start wars. Such criminality may serve the financial needs of the Military-Industrial Complex, but it harms American security and world peace. 

As President, I would end all such acts of aggression. I would make the U.S. into a giant Switzerland, armed but neutral. 

Dr. Jo Jorgensen challenges Joe Biden to repudiate his asset forfeiture law

Americans are supposedly presumed innocent until proved guilty. And neither our freedom nor our property should be seized without due process of law. So said the Bill of Rights, until Joe Biden shredded it. 

It was Senator Joe Biden who introduced the [[other:https://fee.org/articles/how-a-young-joe-biden-became-the-architect-of-the-governments-asset-forfeiture-program/|Comprehensive Forfeiture Act in 1983]]. This bill gave law enforcement officials unlimited powers to seize assets from citizens. All they had to do was accuse people of a crime. No due process or conviction was required. 

This Biden-created scheme legalizes theft on a massive scale. It also generates friction and hatred between citizens and the police. 

I challenge Joe Biden to repent, and reject the lawless asset forfeiture scheme he created. 

Covid-19 Picture

Dr. Jo Jorgensen renews her call for a decentralized COVID-19 response.

Various officials of the WHO (World Health Organization) are now arguing against the lockdowns the WHO once supported. And… Covid-19 response

An under-reported CDC study finds that a whopping 85% of infected COVID-19 patients wore masks habitually, while only 3.9% “never” wore a face covering. This finding directly contradicts the claim made by CDC director Robert Redfield, that a cloth mask is “more guaranteed to protect me against COVID than when I take a COVID vaccine.”

Our experts clearly lack the expertise to make decisions for everyone. We need to let individuals set their own policies. How much distance do I want to maintain? How often do I want to go out? Do I want to wear a mask? Do I only want to shop in places that make masks mandatory? All of these decisions should be made by individuals, NOT by politicians or bureaucrats. 

Covid-19 response. October 2020. Dr. Jo Jorgensen

Don’t politicize Columbus Day

Political advocates on both the right and left have used the public schools to teach their ideologies to public school children.

Those on the left have pushed teachings on politically controversial subjects such as racism, global warming, and the 1619 project – which is offensive to some on the right.

Those on the right have advocated for prayer in school and against gay marriage – which is offensive to some on the left. Today, President Trump issued a statement in which he touted his creation of “the 1776 Commission, which will encourage our educators to teach our children about the miracle of American history and honor our founding.” Some on the left suspect these teachings will be skewed for political purposes.

Because there are parents on both sides that object to these teachings, they shouldn’t be taught using taxpayer money. Parents who want to incorporate ideologies in their children’s education can fulfill this very natural desire through other means: churches, online courses, news media, cooperatives schools, and more.

As president, I will end the federal Department of Education. This will move control of schools to local parents, teachers, and students who can design school curricula to their own liking.

Dr. Jo Jorgensen proposes a cure to the Trump-Pelosi cronyism negotiations

President Trump and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi have renewed negotiations for a new stimulus bill. If the new bill is anything like the CARES Act it will be full of handouts to cronies. I have a cure for this problem. 

I have endorsed the Read the Bills Act, which has been introduced in the Senate by Rand Paul. (S. 3879). This bill would require Congress to read every word of every bill they want to pass. That would have been impossible with the CARES Act. It was too long to read. So the Read the Bills Act might have saved us trillions of dollars by making it harder for Congress to pass big bills. 

But congressional leaders would still attempt to cluster unrelated items into smaller spending bills. That’s why I’ve also endorsed the One Subject at a Time Act. This bill has been introduced in the House (HR 2240) and in the Senate by Rand Paul (S. 3845). The One Subject at a Time Act would prevent Congress from clustering unrelated proposals. They would have to consider each spending project, one at a time. This would bring transparency and make it harder for politicians to give handouts to cronies. 

These bills were created by Libertarians, and you can expect more of the same when you elect Libertarians to public office.

Dr. Jo Jorgensen urges American voters to divorce Iran and adopt a peace candidate

Democrats favored peace when a Republican was in office, but forgot all about it when a Democrat was elected. President Trump won votes by promising to end wars, but all the wars still continue four years later. And now President Trump has just increased tensions with Iran, yet again. 

On October 8, the President announced brutal new sanctions against Iran. These sanctions are more likely to hurt the Iranian people than Iran’s leaders. This should remind everyone of the U.S. sanctions against Iraq back in 1990. Those sanctions killed vast numbers of civilians and were among the motivations for the 9-11 attacks. 

We need to do something new. We need to divorce ourselves from Iran. And the American people need to adopt a peace candidate on Election Day. I am the only peace candidate available to all voters, and I promise you, if elected, I will stop trying to fix Iran. I will lift all sanctions against them. I will stop threatening them. Their future must be decided by the Iranians themselves, not by the President of the United States or Congress. If you like the sound of that, then vote for Jo Jorgensen, Libertarian for President. 

Trade and Immigration Icon

Dr. Jo Jorgensen pledges to boost the economy by reversing failed trade policies

President Trump promised to Make American Great Again by protecting the U.S. economy from world competition. He pursued this policy using illegal tariff increases that made foreign products more expensive for American consumers. His policy failed, as measured by his own standard…

The August trade deficit of $67.1 billion, is the third-highest on record. It’s also higher than at any point during the Obama administration.

But Joe Biden has proposed similar policies with his Buy American plan. I am the only candidate in the race who favors free trade.

As president, I promise to stop taxing Americans for wanting to buy foreign products. I will drop all trade barriers. My policy will expand trade and grow the economy. Goods will be cheaper and more abundant. Expanded trade will also create more jobs and increased demand for American goods and services. Dr. Jo Jorgensen, Libertarian Presidential Candidate 2020.

Dr. Jo Jorgensen pledges to sue states for unconstitutional lockdowns that harm low and middle-income families

Democrats like Joe Biden constantly promise to harm the wealthy for the benefit of low and middle-income families. But so-called income inequality was actually falling between 2016 and 2019, according to a report by the Federal Reserve. In fact, low-income families gained the most, and high-income families gained the least. But now this progress has stalled. Why? Because of the COVID-19 shutdowns, most of which were illegal.

As President, I would use the Attorney General’s office to sue state and local officials who impose COVID-19 mandates. Such mandates violate the 14th Amendment, which says “nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” The shutdowns were dictated by governors without due process. That makes them unconstitutional acts of aggression. Some court rulings have already confirmed those, others have disagreed, and some are still pending. I would add the weight of the federal Executive Branch to these cases.

I believe businesses must be free to set their own COVID-19 policies, and citizens must decide for themselves how much risk to accept or avoid. Politicians need to butt out.

A new study bolsters Dr. Jo Jorgensen’s libertarian approach to COVID-19

Doug Axe, William Briggs, and Jay W. Richards, authors of “The Price of Panic,” have examined the impact of COVID-19 lockdowns across the country. They found no benefit. In nearly all places, the rates of infection and death turned downward before the lockdowns began, and the lockdowns caused no noticeable change in the trend.

Had I been President I would have spoken against the lockdowns daily. I would have encouraged a more flexible response. Stores should have been free to set their own policies, such as whether to require masks and social distancing rules. Individuals should have been allowed to decide the level of risk they want to take. They would pick the store policies they prefer the libertarian way: by voting with their feet. The economic impact would have been far less. Even the health results might have been better than what lockdowns have yielded, as more healthy people developed resistance faster.

With a much stronger economy, there would have been no cries for spend-thrift government spending bills like the CARES Act, which I would have vetoed.

Going forward, I would take steps to decentralize our public health response. Pandemics are best guided by the cumulative knowledge of a vibrant free market, not by politicians or bureaucrats at the FDA, the CDC, or the WHO.

Dr. Jo Jorgensen offers a better alternative to President Trumps’s refugee policy

President Trump has set the cap on refugees to the lowest level ever. As a Libertarian I would take a different approach. I would set the cap for tax-funded refugees at ZERO, and put no cap at all on the number of refugees Americans can bring and support here using voluntary funding. 

But I would do one thing more – I would stop the wars and meddling that create the refugees. 

Jo Jorgensen in Indiana

Dr. Jo Jorgensen rejects Democratic vote-buying schemes

The Democratic House of Representatives just passed a $2.2 trillion dollar bill full of hand-outs to voters and special interests. At the same time Senator Biden is running ads promising free university educations and healthcare.

Apparently, there’s no end to how much Democrats will spend to buy votes if the money can all be borrowed or printed. But I know that endless borrowing will bankrupt our country, and printing money will turn America into Zimbabwe, Venezuela, or the Weimar Republic.

As a Libertarian. I promise something different. I will actually cut spending. That way I can let you keep your own money to use as you think best. No more borrowing. And no more inflationary money creation.   

Taxes Icon

Dr. Jo Jorgensen asks President Trump to remove two burdens he has placed on the American economy

When President Trump imposed higher tariffs he promised the Chinese wouldn’t retaliate. He was wrong. They did retaliate. And the sale of American farm products fell by $16 billion over two years. 

Trump then imposed a second burden on the American economy. He took $37 billion from taxpayers and gave it to farmers. This was to compensate for the damage done by his tariffs, but he surely also hoped to silence farmer protests and win their votes.

These actions harm the economy. As president, I would end both the tariffs and the handouts. I would let taxpayers keep the $37 billion spent for bailouts, to save, spend, or give-away, as they see fit. 

Criminal Justice Icon

Dr. Jo Jorgensen would appoint a Supreme Court justice who can read

While others squabble over which political gang should pick the next Supreme Court justice, I’ll tell you the kind of person I would choose. My selection would have two primary qualities…

  1. An ability to read, comprehend, and apply simple English
  2. The integrity to do what the Constitution actually says, NOT what they wish it said.

The result would be a Justice who protects individual liberty and personal responsibility on all issues at all times. Specifically…

The 9th Amendment protects a general right to liberty. This means we should all be free to do as we choose, provided we don’t violate the equal right of others to do the same.

The 10th Amendment limits the federal government to narrow powers and functions.

The 1st Amendment protects an individual right to a freedom-of-the-press, which would render most campaign finance laws instantly illegal.

The 2nd Amendment protects an individual right to keep-and-bear-arms, free from state regulation.

The 4th Amendment protects Americans from warrantless spying and makes no exceptions just because cowardly politicians fear terrorism.

The ‘commerce clause’ was intended to create a national free-market, NOT a centralized economy controlled by top-down regulatory dictates.

The “general welfare clause’ means that laws must benefit Americans generally. But Supreme Court opinions have fostered a system that serves special interests.

The Constitution provides an amendment process. The Supreme Court has no right to replace that process with judicial fiat. If a need is truly compelling then let it be demonstrated through the amendment process.

Having a Supreme Court that can read, comprehend, and apply simple English would be profound. Most current federal activities would be judged illegal, leaving a government that protects rather than violates our life, liberty, and property.

Ruth Bader Announcement

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was an accomplished woman and a trailblazer, breaking barriers in a male-dominated world. Born in an age when women’s rights had yet to be fully acknowledged — both culturally and in law — she fought passionately for equal treatment for women. But she also saw the unfairness of an Oklahoma law that gave women the right to drink at age 18 while men were not allowed to drink until age 21. She saw this as a denial of equal treatment and facilitated its defeat.

Among her accomplishments in support of personal freedoms, Ginsburg was in the majority in the 2015 ruling that legalized same-sex marriage. She was also the first Supreme Court Justice to preside over a same-sex wedding ceremony.

She wrote the majority opinion against the publicly-owned Virginia Military Institute, ending its male-only admissions policy on equal protection grounds.

She voted to uphold the Fourth Amendment in a 5-4 Supreme Court ruling that stopped the federal government’s warrantless use of thermal imaging to detect marijuana inside of a house.

I appreciate Justice Ginsburg’s bravery and all her actions in support of civil liberties. Her contributions to the rigor and analysis that is required at the highest court will be missed. May she rest in peace.

Criminal Justice Reform by JO

Dr. Jo Jorgensen promises to move criminal justice reform beyond the First Step Act

The recent numbers from the U.S. Sentencing Commission about the early results of the First Step Act are very encouraging. More than 7,000 non-violent offenders are now back with their families.

But much more is needed. There are still nearly 160,000 people in federal prisons, with roughly 70,000 of them incarcerated for non-violent drug offenses. All of this violates the Constitution, which granted no authority for drug prohibition or federal prisons, and little scope for federal crimes other than treason. Matters of criminal law were to have been left to the states.

Meanwhile, another report from the National Registry of Exonerations tells us that one-half of all innocent people in prison were placed there because of police or prosecutorial misconduct. The need for more criminal justice reform is clearly very great.

That’s why, if elected president, I will…

  • Pardon non-violent drug offenders
  • Work to end drug prohibition, no-knock raids, and asset forfeiture
  • End the militarization of the police
  • Support the Ending Qualified Immunity Act, so that our police officers behave more prudently.

My proposals for criminal justice reform are far more thorough than anything offered by Trump or Biden.

Dr. Jo Jorgensen encouraged by movement toward Middle East peace, but still urges nonintervention

While it is preferable to see Arab countries find paths to peace without U.S. government involvement, the deal brokered by President Trump between Israel, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) could be a sign of progress towards peace in the Middle East. I hope it is. Who wouldn’t want to see friendship and the freedom to trade and travel replace endless conflict?

While the deal enables new peaceful relationships, a key sticking point remains: Bahrain and the UAE both demand a Palestinian state, while Israel still opposes one. Continued U.S. involvement in the region puts Americans on the hook for Israel’s Palestinian policy. It also places Americans in the middle of the ancient dispute between Shia and Sunni Muslims. Americans have no stake in either conflict or any ability to solve them.

As President, I would divorce the United States from the Middle East. I want Americans to face fewer enemies and bear lower tax burdens. I would achieve both goals by making the U.S. like one giant Switzerland, armed and neutral. There would be no more expensive and dangerous meddling in the Middle East and its intractable problems. We will trade with everyone, but quarrel with no one.

Dr. Jo Jorgensen says Trump’s forced sale of TikTok reeks of fascism

President Trump used criminal extortion tactics and grossly expanded presidential powers when he demanded the sale of the Chinese company TikTok to an American company. Trump has asserted that TikTok cannot do business in America unless it is owned by a U.S. company.

Forcing a company to sell itself – or be cut off from one of its major markets – is an act of extraordinary government control over a private-sector company. It reeks of fascism – indirect government control of the means of production through domination of nominally private owners – and is antithetical to the principle of freedom upon which our country was founded.

This is a dangerous expansion of presidential powers. The President has no constitutional authority to block foreign corporations from doing business in the U.S., nor to extort international mergers.

Trump’s actions invite foreign retaliation against U.S. companies. Trump’s policy is also another dangerous step toward carving up the global internet into nationalist zones.

As President, I will support the rule of law and obey my constitutional oath of office. There will be no bullying of businesses under a Jorgensen administration. This will protect American companies from foreign retaliation and avoid the balkanization of the internet.

Dr. Jo Jorgensen promises an Iran policy that will be 1,000 times more prudent

Trump is touting his success in brokering a normalization agreement between Israel and the countries of UAE and Bahrain, suggesting more peace deals will come with up to nine more countries.

While many peace accords in the Middle East have fallen apart over the years, I would love to see any effort succeed that brings together all the inhabitants of the Middle East, including the Palestinians, in a way that leaves everyone satisfied and at peace.

But as Trump brings countries together, he continues to tear apart our country’s relationship with Iran. Trump has imposed harsh sanctions, which Iranian president Hassan Brouhaha says has harmed the country’s ability to deal with the coronavirus outbreak.

Trump ordered the assassination of Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani last January. And now, intelligence reports suggest a possible counter-assassination by Iran to avenge the U.S. If that happens, President Trump has promised a retaliation that is “1,000 times larger.”

If I am elected president, I promise an approach that will be 1,000 times more prudent.

U.S. politicians have a long history of getting things wrong in Iran, starting with the 1953 coup that replaced a functioning democracy with a hated dictatorship, leading to the Islamic revolution and the despotic regime that afflicts Iran today. The current problems in Iran were very much made in America by blundering U.S. politicians. This must end.

I will stop trying to fix Iran. I will divorce the U.S. from Iran entirely. No more sanctions. No more saber-rattling. No more threats and counter-threats.

Peace in the Middle East cannot be assured unless we are at peace with every country in the region.


Dr. Jo Jorgensen happy to debate President Trump on the Joe Rogan show

Joe Rogan has invited President Trump and Senator Biden to debate on his podcast. President Trump has accepted. As the only other candidate for president who is also on the ballot in all 50 states, I am happy to debate Biden and Trump on the Joe Rogan Experience. I will also debate just President Trump, should Senator Biden decide he doesn’t want to risk that kind of public exposure.

Joe Rogan has always been a great forum for challenging the Establishment echo chamber. Hopefully, he will embrace the idea of a Trump-Jorgensen debate. It would be even better if Biden shows up.


Military spending is spread throughout the budget. It totals more than $1 trillion per year. Just Pentagon spending alone is more than the spending of the next seven largest military countries combined!

To fight whom exactly? There is no threat or combination of threats that justify such a budget.

And we don’t even know what we’re getting for our money. The Pentagon refused audits until 2018, when it finally completed one – and failed miserably!

We do know that the F-35 has wasted nearly $1 trillion – equal to our entire defense spending for a year. On one project! The waste and incompetence don’t stop there. But there can be no incentive to perform when Congress and the president always give the Pentagon a blank check.

Meanwhile, 25 trillion dollars in national debt represents a real threat to American security. We must stop spending and borrowing so much.

As President, I will veto any military spending bill that does not cut defense spending dramatically.

This will allow us to finally balance the federal budget, so we stop adding to the nation’s debt. When we return financial resources to the private sector, we’ll see millions of new, private-sector jobs for our military personnel to choose from.

Dr. Jo Jorgensen wants to close foreign military bases

There are 195 nations on Earth. Seventy of them, plus some territories, have nearly 800 U.S. military bases. These bases are expensive. They also create friction, leading to enemies we don’t need.

The correct number of bases that the U.S. should have in foreign countries isn’t seventy, it’s zero.

The Military-Industrial Complex, along with their Democratic and Republican allies, want a steady flow of new enemies to justify constantly growing budgets. I want the opposite. I want lower military expenses and fewer friction points with the rest of the world.

I want the U.S. to be well-armed but neutral. If elected President I will give our allies a year’s notice of our intention to depart, starting with major bases in Europe, so they can prepare. But after that, the moving vans will start to roll.

This will make it clear that the United States is no longer policing the world, and instead interested in peaceful relationships across the globe.

Closing military bases and bringing our troops home will allow us to cut military spending, which is necessary in order to balance our bloated federal budget. Our service men and women will finally come home to their families.


Dr. Jo Jorgensen promises to finally deliver the missing peace dividend

The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. This should have resulted in a peace dividend for the American people.

Military budgets, taxes, and borrowing should have all shrunk.

But we got the opposite instead.

The Democrats and Republicans both gave us more military spending, more foreign meddling, more enemy creation, more insecurity, and more debt.

President Trump increased our military spending, and the Democratic establishment shunned Tulsi Gabbard when she proposed a less aggressive foreign policy.

This leaves the American people with only one choice. If you want America to be well-armed but neutral…if you want to finally enjoy the benefits of peace…then vote Libertarian. Vote for Jo Jorgensen for president.

Dr. Jo Jorgensen promises to free Americans from the long shadow of 9-11

Following the evil 9-11 attacks, politicians used this tragic event and the lost lives of innocent Americans to lie about weapons of mass destruction and to launch bungled wars and occupations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

As president, I will bring home U.S. troops from the entire region and free Americans from the lingering burdens of those mistakes.

I will ask Congress to repeal the Authorization to Use Military Force, which has become a blank check for presidential mischief-making.

I will work to repeal the PATRIOT Act, to stop NSA spying on the American people, and to subject so-called FISA warrants to the regular judicial process.

I will pardon Edward Snowden.

I will dismantle the TSA and allow individual airlines to establish their own security measures. I want would-be terrorists to confront multiple security strategies, instead of being able to game the TSA’s one-size-fits-all incompetence.

I will ask Congress to dismantle the Department of Homeland Security. It represents a clear and present danger to the safety and freedoms of the American people.

I will seek a divorce from endless conflicts in the Middle East. I will end all aid and all sanctions aimed at that area.

I will end U.S. government involvement in the sale of weapons to other countries, especially in cases like Saudi Arabia, which is using our weapons to terrorize the people of Yemen.If you want to do something meaningful to remember the victims of 9-11, please vote for Jo Jorgensen for President.

Dr. Jo Jorgensen calls on Americans to remember 9-11 as a call to action against exploitative politicians

The despicable 9-11 attacks were a major shock to the American people. We were afraid and we were angry.

Our political leaders used our fear and anger to invade Iraq and add new components of a police state. Nineteen years later we are still carrying these burdens.

Democratic politician Rahm Emmanuel once said that politicians should never let a crisis go to waste. Well, I’m here to ask the American people to be on guard against this – and to push back. It’s a new way you can remember 9-11 for a new purpose.

Politicians are now using our fear of COVID-19 to justify unprecedented power grabs:

Governors have ordered a partial shut down of the economy, leaving large corporate retail chains to profit while thousands of small businesses, often selling the same goods, have been forced out of business. Twenty-five million Americans lost their jobs.

Federal politicians have engaged in the highest and most reckless levels of government spending in American history, even going so far as to allow the Federal Reserve to directly bail out corporations by buying their securities with money they printed out of thin air. Then keeping their purchases a secret from American taxpayers.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) had assumed that its authority to control infectious diseases somehow gives them the power to call a moratorium on evictions of those who don’t pay their rent, under the preposterous claim that this will slow the spread of COVID. This relatively small health care bureaucracy has issued an edict that puts low-income property owners across American in the perilous position of losing rental income to tenants who are making as much as $200k year.

It’s time to say no!

Not only must we reject these power grabs, but it’s also high time we take away the runaway powers of elected and unelected government officials.

How? By voting Libertarian Jo Jorgensen for president – and every other Libertarian on your ballot this November.

Be vigilant. Remember 9-11 and stand strong against exploitative politicians. Vote Libertarian.