Libertarian presidential nominee likens plan to 'V.A. for All'

GREENVILLE, S.C.; August 3, 2020—  Dr. Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian presidential nominee, described efforts to add Medicare for All to the Democratic Party’s platform as “severely misguided.”

In advance of the Democratic national convention, planned for this month, delegates who support Sen. Bernie Sanders are circulating a petition to add the provision.

Jorgensen said, “When I hear ‘Medicare for All,’ I think, ‘V.A. for All.'”

The Veterans Administration is the government’s sole provider of health-care services for veterans.

“Government monopolies are extremely costly, and they’re not customer-friendly,” Jorgensen explained. “They don’t have to be, because the government shields them from competition. That’s why the V.A. has earned a reputation for poor-quality care and long delays, which have cost some veterans their lives.”

“I don’t understand why Democrats are clamoring for a monopoly in health care, when they are so against monopolies in the corporate world,” she said.

“Medicare for All would be even worse than the V.A.,” she added. “At least veterans can get better care elsewhere at their own expense. With Medicare for All, there would be nowhere else to go.”

“People like Bernie Sanders like to blame the free market for today’s high costs,” noted Jorgensen. “Let’s be clear: What we have in the United States today is not even close to a free market.”

Politicians have been piling on regulations and mandates for at least 100 years. That includes mandated insurance, which, she noted, is not real insurance.

“Insurance normally covers only high-cost care, not every sniffle or rash,” she said. “But because today’s insurance covers most health expenses, patients have no incentive to shop around for better prices, and insurance companies and providers lose their incentive to keep costs down.”

“Look at traditional LASIK surgery,” she said. “Because it isn’t covered by insurance, people pay out of their own pockets, and providers have to compete for their business. That’s why LASIK prices have dropped over the last three decades, while prices for all health care have risen dramatically.”

“As president, I will work with Congress to remove the barriers to free-market health care so we can reduce costs by at least 75 percent, while quality goes way up.” said Jorgensen. “This will make health care easily affordable and will serve the needs of real people who desperately need care.”