Libertarian for President Jo Jorgensen finds it hilarious that Trump accuses the CPD of trying to silence him

GREENVILLE, S.C. October 9, 2020 —  “Join the club, President Trump,” said Dr. Jo Jorgensen, Libertarian for president in response to his claim that the Commission on Presidential debates is “trying to silence” him. “The CPD, along with its Democratic and Republican colluders – including you,  have been silencing the Libertarian Party for decades. Your hypocritical criticism of your own co-conspirators is hilarious.”

The Commission on Presidential Debates consists of well-connected Democrats and Republicans who conspire every election with media elites to set debate rules that deliberately exclude alternative party competitors.

Since billionaire Ross Perot was in the presidential debates in 1992, the CPD has required presidential candidates to poll an average of fifteen percent in polls by five pre-selected polling firms – a percentage that was carefully calculated to make it virtually impossible for an outsider to qualify.

Those same Democrats and Republicans allow presidential candidates to participate in primary election debates with poll numbers as low as one percent.

“Do you want to show some consistency for a change, President Trump?” asked Jorgensen. “Tell the CPD to set rules that accommodate all viable candidates for president.”

Jo Jorgensen is the only alternative-party candidate for president who is on the ballot in all fifty states, plus the District of Columbia — in spite of rules set by Democratic and Republican lawmakers to make it very difficult to achieve this.