Libertarian for President Dr. Jo Jorgensen responds to second bipartisan debate

“They avoided talking about key issues for which both candidates have a terrible track record,” said Libertarian candidate for president Dr. Jo Jorgensen of the October 22 debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden. “This is why I should have been on that stage. It would have forced these men to speak to key issues affecting Americans.”

She noted some of the critical issues not discussed in last night’s debate:

  1. The FDA and the CDC made a mess of COVID-19 testing. Free market efforts to provide testing kits are still being blocked today. 
  2. There are to 70-80k non-violent Americans, mostly people of color, locked up in federal prison who have harmed no one.
  3. Ending drug prohibition is the best way to reduce racial disparities and make our streets safer. 
  4. Our troops are still in the Middle East and Afghanistan. I would bring them home. 
  5. Free market health care would give us lowers costs and better care, even for pre-existing conditions.
  6. Parents should control education. I would end the Department of Education.
  7. Trump supported adding $3 trillion to the $27 trillion national debt, and Biden wants to borrow even more. 

You can watch the forum Jo did with Gary Nolan before the debate here. And below are Dr. Jo Jorgensen’s answers to the specific questions asked during last night’s debate..

Question: What would your COVID-19 policies be going forward?

Dr. Jo Jorgensen: I would remove bureaucratic obstacles to free-market testing kits. I would fight against shutdowns. Many governors and mayors have exceeded their constitutional authority. I would oppose them in court. 

Businesses should set their own COVID-19 policies. Stores could have mask-mandatory and mask-optional hours. People should be free to make their own healthcare choice. 

The idea that the military should distribute vaccines is laughable. Does anyone seriously believe the Pentagon can deliver anything better or faster than UPS or FedEx or Amazon? 

The idea that a mere politician can control vaccine production is both ignorant and dangerous. The president should not attempt to be the country’s pharmacist in chief.

Question: What would you do about foreign influence in U.S. elections?

Dr. Jo Jorgensen: Any possible foreign interference in U.S. elections pales compared with the rigging of elections that goes on right here at home. Examples include… 

Question: What about North Korea?

Dr. Jo Jorgensen: The policy of regime change has made every dictator in the world want to have a nuclear weapon. North Korea’s nuclear arsenal keeps growing, despite heavy sanctions. I would stop meddling in the affairs of other nations. I want to make America like one giant Switzerland, armed but neutral. 

Question: What about pre-existing conditions? 

Dr. Jo Jorgensen: Before the federal government took significant control over health care in the 1960s, insurance policies were a fraction of today’s cost, in constant dollars – even for people with preexisting conditions. Government interference driven by special interests has made it 5 to 10 times more expensive than it needs to be, with worse quality. 

I will work to remove every barrier to free-market health care.

Politicians exacerbated this problem by creating tax incentives that tie health insurance to employment, This causes sick people to lose their coverage when they change jobs. My policies would allow Americans to own their policies independent of their jobs. This would solve many problems with pre-existing conditions. 

Question: What would you do about healthcare in general?

Dr. Jo Jorgensen: We haven’t had a free market in health care in over 100 years. I will work to remove every barrier to free-market health care. This will drive down costs by at least 75% and allow innovation to take off, making diagnosis and treatment far superior to what we have now.

The more politicians have tried to make healthcare cheaper, the more expensive it has become. This is true of every area of life where the politicians intervene to supposedly make things cheaper. We have seen it with healthcare, housing, and higher education. Tax-funding and political controls drive up costs. Current policies are written to serve the insurance companies. I would restore the free market. We would have visible prices, fewer third party payments, and more competition to lower costs. 

Question: What would you do about unemployment?

Dr. Jo Jorgensen: We need to shut-down the COVID-19 interventions so we can completely reopen the economy. I would try to persuade governors and mayors to do this, but I would also instruct the Attorney General to sue states and localities for violating constitutional protections. The 14th Amendment forbids lower governments from imposing costs on the American people without due process of law. I would protect Americans from dictatorial local politicians. I would absolutely reject stimulus bills that always serve to enrich cronies. 

I would also push for the massive deregulation of our economy. Our ability to compete in worldwide markets has been continually slipping over the last few decades, largely because hundreds of thousands of government rules and regulations hobble entrepreneurs. This must end.

Question: Would you raise the minimum wage?

Dr. Jo Jorgensen: Minimum wage laws cripple marginal businesses and make it hard for low skill people to get starter jobs. Minimum wage laws show favoritism for certain people who have jobs to the detriment of those who will lose their jobs and others who are forever shut out of the job market as a result. 

Moreover, Congress does not have the constitutional authority to impose wage rates.

Question; What would you do about immigration? 

Dr. Jo Jorgensen: Most people here illegally got here by overstaying their visas. A wall can do nothing about this problem. Many people also choose to stay here because it’s so hard to come and go across the border. I would make it easier. I would instead focus on making sure that only citizens vote and that getting rid of taxpayer-funded handouts to non-citizens. 

Question: What would you do about racist cops?

Dr. Jo Jorgensen: There is too much friction between cops and citizens because there are too many laws. I would work to reduce the number of laws, especially by ending drug prohibition. Drug prohibition is the main thing that killed Breonna Taylor. And it’s the main thing that leads to police violence. 

It also leads to violence on our streets, people breaking into homes who are desperate for a fix, unlabeled and dangerously-tainted drugs which are laced with deadly fentanyl, and massive injustices against people who never harmed another soul. It’s time for a drug peace.

Question: What would you do about the incarceration problem?

Dr. Jo Jorgensen:  I would pardon all non-violent offenders on Day 1 of my administration and work to end all victimless crime laws, especially drug prohibition. 

Question: How would you fight climate change while also creating jobs? 

Dr. Jo Jorgensen: We must do two things:

First, stop subsidizing particular forms of energy, such as oil and gas. No subsidies for any form of energy. We must create a level playing field and force the different forms of electricity generation to compete with each other.

Second, streamline and dramatically reduce regulations that have blocked nuclear energy for decades. 

This will result in a proliferation of zero-emission nuclear power plants that are cost-effective, safe, and clean.

Question: What would you do about families harmed living near oil refineries?

Dr. Jo Jorgensen: These issues must be addressed in courts where people can levy class-action lawsuits against polluters. This is the best and fairest way to address environmental issues that carefully take into consideration the concerns of all stakeholders. 

Question: What will you say to Americans who didn’t vote for you?  

Dr. Jo Jorgensen: Stay tuned! 

You’ll see how smaller government will allow our economy to thrive. 

You’ll see massive criminal justice reform – that will actually fix our problems. 

You’ll see clean nuclear energy power plants with zero-emissions under construction and poised to give us clean, safe, cost-effective energy. 

You’ll see an end to heavy-handed federal government bureaucrats trying to run your schools.

You’ll see health care that’s so low-cost that many people won’t need insurance, or will only need catastrophic care insurance at a very low cost. You’ll also see free health care clinics for the poor open up with no cost to taxpayers.

You’ll see our troops come home to their families. You’ll see an end to friction and conflict between the United States and other countries.

You’ll see an end to the spiraling growth of government debt.