A ‘grassroots effort propelled by heart and hard work,’ says Dr. Jo Jorgensen

GREENVILLE, S.C.; November 7, 2020—  The presidential campaign of Libertarian Dr. Jo Jorgensen relied more on volunteers, efficiency, and persuasion than on money to win votes.

With 1,731,055 votes won as of Nov. 7, the Jorgensen campaign spent a modest $1.73 for each vote. The campaign raised and spent approximately $3 million.

The Jorgensen campaign topped the cost-effectiveness of all other Libertarian presidential campaigns. Of the last three runs, former Governor Gary Johnson’s 2012 and 2016 campaigns spent $3.13 and $2.66 per vote, respectively, and former Congressman Bob Barr’s 2008 campaign spent $2.68 per vote.

In contrast, Democrat Joe Biden’s campaign spent $12.50 per vote, which rises to $18.40 per vote when dark money* is included.

In the Democratic primary election, Bernie Sanders spent $28.87 per vote, and Elizabeth Warren spent $50.09. 

“This grassroots campaign was propelled by heart and hard work,” said Jorgensen, “and it was guided by veteran Libertarians who helped make our modest funds go far.”

The Jorgensen campaign recruited at least 9,423 volunteers. The average donation to her campaign was $32.

*According to the Center for Responsive Politics’ analysis at OpenSecrets.org, citing the campaign’s Oct. 14 reports.