First-in-the-nation presidential election to use Ranked Choice Voting

GREENVILLE, S.C.; Aug. 10, 2020  The Maine Secretary of State has certified the Libertarian presidential and vice-presidential ticket of Dr. Jo Jorgensen and Jeremy “Spike” Cohen to appear on the ballot for this November’s election. More than the required minimum of 4,000 signatures were turned in by last week’s deadline to meet the requirement, making it likely the ticket will be on the ballot in all 50 states.

Maine is the first and only state to offer Ranked Choice Voting for a presidential election. Voters will be able to vote not just for one presidential candidate, but for multiple candidates. They will rank their preferences, such that, if their #1 choice does not win, an elimination process makes it possible for their second- or third-choice candidate to win.

“This is a tremendous opportunity to find out how many voters have secretly wanted to vote Libertarian, but have fallen for the ‘don’t waste your vote’ argument and voted for a Democrat or Republican instead,” said Jorgensen.

Ballot Access News reported on Friday that election officials in Alaska also approved the Libertarian Party (LP) ticket for inclusion on that state’s November ballot, putting Jorgensen and Cohen on the ballot in 40 states so far, plus the District of Columbia.

“If you want free-market health care that costs a small fraction of what you pay today, and a downsized government that will allow us to quickly recover from the recession we’re in, I am the only candidate for president that offers you this choice,” Jorgensen said.

“As president, I will bring at least 90 percent of our troops home from Afghanistan and the Middle East within the first 100 days of my first term in office,” she said. “Our servicemen and -women will be out of harm’s way and home with their families. Terrorist attacks will be far less likely to occur, because America will finally be at peace with the world.”

Social-distancing requirements imposed by the state made gathering signatures in Maine particularly challenging this election year.

“It is unconscionable that Democrats and Republicans continue to erect barriers to competition and force alternative parties to collect in-person signatures during a pandemic,” said Nick Dunbar, operations director for the Jorgensen–Cohen campaign. “I’m very proud of the hard work and dedication shown by all who helped this effort. Every one of them made a difference.”

Because Maine was the last state to present a significant challenge to Libertarians’ ability to gain ballot access, the LP ticket is now expected, once again, to achieve 50-state ballot access, allowing every voter in America to cast their ballot for the Libertarian Jorgensen–Cohen ticket.