GREENVILLE, S.C., May 24, 2020 — “Donald Trump promised American voters that he would drain the swamp,” said Dr. Jo Jorgensen, who was nominated Saturday to be the Libertarian Party’s candidate for president. “But the swamp under Trump’s presidency is brimming.”


In February, Trump released a $4.8 trillion budget for fiscal year 2021, creating nearly one trillion dollars in new spending, every year, since he became president.


Trump took even less time to drive the deficit to over one trillion dollars, which it hit in in 2019.


In addition, President Trump shattered those records last month when he signed the CARES Act, which adds another $2.2 trillion dollars in federal spending.


Democrats in the House passed the HEROES Act, which proposes yet another $3 trillion in new spending. So far, Trump and the Republican senate have not shown willingness to enact it.


“This is how Republicans justify reckless and destructive government overspending,” said Jorgensen. “They jointly drive up government spending in lock step with Democrats. Then they oppose the last leg of the increase and claim to be fiscally conservative.”


“Being the more frugal of the two old parties is like being the soberest drunk in a bar,” she said.


“I’m running for president to drain the swamp by moving water and sludge out of it, not pouring more in,” she said. “The federal government is long overdue for dramatic downsizing.”


Jorgensen proposes dramatic cuts in federal spending, ending the income tax, and balancing the budget.


“Taking money and control out of government and returning it to the American people will create millions of new jobs, and will give back over $12,000 to the average taxpayer, every year.”


On Saturday, May 23, delegates to the Libertarian Party national convention voted Jo Jorgensen to be the nominee for president in an online convention. The in-person convention planned to be held in Austin, Texas this weekend was canceled due to restrictions imposed in response to the coronavirus.