Presidential nominee’s outdoor interview thwarted by Cleveland city officials 

GREENVILLE, S.C.; September 30, 2020—  Last night, Dr. Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian presidential candidate whose name will appear on the ballot in all 50 states plus D.C. and yet was excluded from the Democrat- and Republican-controlled presidential debate, was interviewed by Reason Magazine Senior Editor Elizabeth Nolan Brown in a live-streamed event. 

Thousands of positive comments streamed in from remote audiences throughout the interview, which was viewed by hundreds of thousands of people, despite a lack of national media publicity. 

The interview was originally to be held outdoors at the Cleveland Public Square, which was pre-approved for use by the City of Cleveland. However, as the Jorgensen campaign was working cooperatively with city officials to set up the stage, the office of Mayor Frank Jackson sent a police captain who suddenly declared the campaign’s contract to be invalid. 

The campaign attempted to negotiate a way to make the event work in compliance with the city’s demands while the captain was on the phone with superiors. The city appeared to be issuing new demands on the spot, including disallowing the backdrop for the stage, scaling down the sound, disallowing any amplification of sound, moving the whole event to the sidewalk, and disallowing the presence of the crowd that had gathered. 

“Each time the campaign reached a solution with the captain and began to implement it, he would present a new issue that prevented that solution from working,” reported Kenna Porter, events director for the campaign. 

When the city added yet another demand—removal from the stage of the chairs that had been set up for the 90-minute interview—the campaign made the decision to move the interview to a nearby studio. 

After Dr. Jorgensen briefly addressed the crowd on the sidewalk, she bid them farewell and headed for the studio with Ms Brown. 

Because of the delay in moving to a new location, the interview did not begin until 80 minutes after the scheduled start time of 7 o’clock eastern, causing it to overlap with the live debate between Trump and Biden. 

“Not a problem for me,” said Chelsea Kendall of Kyle, Texas. “The debate between Trump and Biden, when they weren’t attacking each other on relatively trivial issues, failed to reveal any meaningful plans for how either would right this country’s ship. In contrast, Dr. Jorgensen shined. She laid out how she would bring the troops home, end the failed drug prohibition, cut government spending, remove government restrictions to job creation, and much more.” 

The interview of Dr. Jo Jorgensen by Elizabeth Nolan Brown can be seen at or at Facebook