The Libertarian Party candidate for president returned home to Greenville for a rally Sunday after more than two weeks on the road in 20 different cities.

Dr. Jo Jorgensen’s final stop on her ‘Real Change For Real People’ campaign tour drew a large crowd outside the Peace Center in downtown Greenville Sunday afternoon.

She’s been working to join President Donald Trump and Joe Biden on the debate stage ahead of the November election, but as of Sunday, wasn’t listed as a candidate on any of the qualifying polls to join them.

“What I’m hearing from people is that the two-party system is not working,” said Jorgensen. “That we need real change. And that’s why I’m asking you to vote for me for President of the United States,” she said to supporters.

She made some promises Sunday, pledging on her first day as president to start

removing troops from oversees. A campaign promise, she said, President Trump has not fulfilled.

Jorgensen also vowed to federally decriminalize all drugs.

“What we have now is not a drug problem,” she said. “What we have is a prohibition problem.”

WYFF News 4 spoke with some supporters who said they like what Jorgensen stands for, while some others said they’d like a third option.

“I hear a lot about, you know, a vote for Jo is a vote for Biden (or) a vote for Jo is a vote for Trump. But a vote for Jo is a vote for Jo,” said Akiebia Hicks of Greenville.

“Our two-party system has been killing this country for hundreds of years now, so I think it’s a good thing that we have decent third party candidates like her,” said Noah Gunter, who drove about two hours away from North Carolina. “Especially in a time when we have two candidates that are absolutely terrible on both sides.”

In a one-on-one interview with WYFF News 4, Jorgensen said she’s the best choice for the job.

“It really doesn’t matter Trump or Biden, either way, you’re going to get larger government,” she said. “You’re going to not bring the troops home, you’re going to have crushing health care costs, you’re going to have job killers.”