Party exceeds petition requirement, drops lawsuit

ANCHORAGE, Alaska; July 21, 2020  The Alaska Libertarian Party (LP) has dropped its ballot-access lawsuit, Libertarian Party v. Fenumiai, to have petitioning requirements eased in the state, because they have exceeded their petitioning goal of 5,000 signatures, and can expect the Libertarian presidential nominee, Dr. Jo Jorgensen, to be placed on the ballot in Alaska this year.

This was accomplished despite the difficulty of collecting petition signatures during the economic lockdown prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alaska LP Picture

On Monday, petitioners submitted 5,024 signatures. Libertarians in Alaska needed to have collected 3,212 petition signatures by Aug.  5, for Jorgensen to be eligible for the state’s ballot. 

Alaska LP Chair Jon Briggs Watts said, “Our petitioners and those stepping forward to sign these petitions have demonstrated their resolve to have the principles of individual choice, decentralized control, and voluntary self-government represented in this upcoming election.”

In some states, the LP is successfully suing to get ballot-petition requirements waived or reduced, in light of the pandemic. Where that has not been successful, petitioners are proceeding full speed ahead.

Nationwide, Libertarians have achieved ballot access for Jorgensen in 36 states plus D.C., so far this election cycle, and are well on their way to achieving 50-state ballot access, once again.

“I am eternally grateful to our dedicated cadre of petitioners,” said Dr. Jorgensen. “In difficult circumstances, they are going beyond the call of duty, surmounting obstacles thrown in our path by Democrats and Republicans who would rather not have to compete with a candidate representing real change for real people.”