Dr. Jo Jorgensen to answer policy questions, share real solutions for real Americans 

CLEVELAND, Ohio; September 29, 2020—  Tonight as the dominant parties prepare their nominees for the first installment of the televised debates sponsored by the bipartisan Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), which has excluded Libertarian nominee Dr. Jo Jorgensen from participation, she will be appearing in a live interview at Cleveland Public Square beginning at 7 o’clock eastern, to promote the benefits of greater individual freedom with those Americans who seek a better choice for president than Democrat Joe Biden or Republican Donald Trump.

Moderating the in-person event and posing policy questions to Dr. Jorgensen will be Reason magazine senior editor Elizabeth Nolan Brown. There will also be video questions submitted by viewers as well as a live audience. The event will be live-streamed through the campaign’s  Facebook and YouTube pages. 

Jorgensen’s campaign manager, former Libertarian National Committee (LNC) Chair Steve Dasbach, said that with this year’s “politics of personality” stronger than ever between the two dominant parties’ nominees, he can virtually guarantee that Brown and Jorgensen will be discussing “issues we won’t hear in the CPD’s fake debate later this evening—issues that matter to voters directly.”

Jorgensen’s platform includes dramatic cuts to federal spending, thus taxation, bringing home our troops from foreign entanglements to defend our own soil and shores, creating a truly free market in health care—spurring the innovation and the cost reductions associated with competition—and ending drug prohibition and pardoning all nonviolent, victimless drug offenders in federal prison, so they may return home to their families.

Elizabeth Nolan Brown has won multiple writing awards and has been published not only in Reason magazine but in the New York TimesLos Angeles Times, the Daily BeastPlayboy, and The Week. She is a regular guest commentator on such programs as the Ingraham Angle, Fox News @ Night, NPR’s 1A, and BBC Business Matters. She is cofounder and president of Feminists for Liberty, and holds a master’s degree in strategic communication from American University.

“Dr. Jorgensen is certainly delivering on her primary-campaign promise to be both principled and practical in proposing solutions to the problems ordinary Americans face,” said Mark Hinkle, a former LNC chair and current president of Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association. He added that he’s thrilled with the campaign and confident in telling his fellow dissatisfied voters who choose to watch tonight’s interview that they’ll realize that “Dr. Jorgensen is the presidential candidate you’ve been waiting for.” 

This November, voters in all 50 states plus D.C. will have the option to cast their vote for Dr. Jorgensen and her running mate, Jeremy “Spike” Cohen. In more than 20 years, no other alternative party has achieved universal ballot access in a presidential election. The 2020 election marks the fifth time the Libertarian Party (LP) has succeeded in placing its presidential ticket on the ballot in all 50 states—a notable feat considering the severe constraints placed on petitioners during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The event will be held at Cleveland Public Square (50 Public Square, Cleveland); doors open at 6:30 P.M. EDT, and the program is scheduled to run 7–8:30 P.M. EDT.

Following the interview in Cleveland, Dr. Jorgensen’s campaign bus will head to the nation’s capital for a policy discussion on Wednesday evening with Rep. Justin Amash (L–Mich.). The in-person, live event will be moderated by Matt Kibbe of Free the People.

For a full list of upcoming JorgensenCohen 2020 campaign events, visit Jo20.com/events.

Media advisory: Rain or shine! The candidate will have media availability at most tour stops. A mult box will be available, although no risers. Personal distancing protocols will be followed; hand sanitizer and masks will be provided.  

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