Rallies in PNW promote Jorgensen-Cohen platform of individual freedom

GREENVILLE, S.C.Sept. 4, 2020—  Jeremy “Spike” Cohen, the Libertarian Party (LP) vice-presidential nominee, will visit the Pacific Northwest this holiday weekend, to wrap up his campaign bus tour. Cohen is rallying support for the Libertarian presidential ticket’s platform that calls to slash the size of the federal government, end the so-called war on drugs, bring American troops home from overseas to protect our own borders, and provide affordable health care through free-market competition.

“Health care is one of the few markets in the United States where you walk in and you don’t know how much it costs for your service. It’s time for transparent pricing in health care,” said Cohen. The Jorgensen–Cohen ticket plans to pave the way for a truly free market in health care if elected.

Joining Cohen in Eugene on Saturday will be Matthew Rix, candidate for U.S. Congress (Dist. 5), and Isiah Wagoner, running for mayor of Eugene. On Sunday, Cohen will rally supporters in Portland, and on Labor Day, head to the seventeenth and final city of his bus tour, Olympia, Wash. Also speaking in Olympia will be a representative of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.

“Mr. Cohen is doing an amazing job of showing people how individual liberty is the simple solution to the complex problems we face in 2020,” said Miguel Duque, chair of the King County LP. “He’s winning over huge crowds of voters of all stripes, who either hadn’t heard our ideas or weren’t ready to hear them before.” 

Cohen said the LP “recognizes that the power needs to be taken away from politicians and put back into the hands of the American people, where it has always belonged.” 

Cohen’s events also feature selected officials and down-ticket candidates, include media availability, and are scheduled as follows (subject to change; times are shown in local time zone):

Saturday, September 5; Eugene, Oregon
1– 4 P.M.: Alton Baker Park, 100 Day Island Rd., Eugene 
Sunday, September 6; Portland, Oregon
1–4 P.M.: Cathedral City Park, 8650 N. Crawford St., Portland
Monday, September 7; Olympia, Washington
1–4 P.M.: Olympia State Capitol (Tivoli Fountain Lawn), 103 Capitol Way, Olympia

For a full list of the candidates’ upcoming campaign events, visit Jo20.com/events.

Media advisory: Rain or shine! The candidate will have media availability at most tour stops. A mult box will be available at the rallies, although no risers. Personal distancing protocols will be followed; hand sanitizer and masks will be provided.  

For questions or to schedule interviews during these campaign stops, contact: 

·         Eugene, Oregon; Sat., Sept. 5: Michael Morrow, media coordinator, via e-mail at OR@Jo20.com, or by phone at (626) 324-7594

·         Portland, Oregon; Sun., Sept. 6: Will Hobson, media coordinator, via e-mail at OR@Jo20.com, or by phone at (503) 703-4221

·         Olympia, Washington; Mon., Sept. 7: Anna Johnson, media coordinator, via e-mail at WA@Jo20.com, or by phone at (206) 234-8455