Right-wing FOX network covers Jorgensen campaign several times in recent weeks. Left-wing national MSM? Nada.

GREENVILLE, S.C.October 27, 2020—  Left-leaning national mainstream news organizations mocked Fox News for its iconic slogan, “fair and balanced” — yet have blacked out the Libertarian Jo Jorgensen for President campaign while Fox is choosing to cover her.

“Perhaps Fox is fair and balanced after all,” teased Jorgensen, who is on the ballot in all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia. Every eligible voter in America will have the opportunity to cast their vote for her.

Programs at Fox Broadcasting Company have covered Jorgensen for President several times in the past few weeks: interviews on “Kennedy” on Fox Business Channel and “Kennedy Saves the World” on Fox News Radio, two bookings on Neil Cavuto’s shows, coverage and an interview on Fox News Rundown. And her plan for a truly free market in health care was featured on the “Big Idea” on Fox News.

Jorgensen did an hour on “Washington Journal” on C-SPAN on Saturday morning, and was Glenn Beck’s guest on “Glenn TV.”

Local television and radio stations and newspapers are giving the campaign solid coverage as her “Real Change for Real People” tour bus has traveled to rallies nationwide, often selling out. This weekend she barnstormed through Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

Jorgensen is garnering good exposure on social media, and podcasts of all types and sizes have enthusiastically covered the campaign and interviewed her. The campaign has been featured in a number of foreign publications as well.

Meanwhile, national television networks ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, and CNN have spiked nearly all coverage of the Jorgensen campaign. With a few exceptions, the same has been true of newspapers and magazines with national reach. 

Jorgensen is the only presidential candidate, other than President Trump and Joe Biden, to be on the ballot in all 50 states. Her campaign’s web site, Jo20.com, received heavy traffic during the debates put on by the Commission on Presidential Debates, which invited only those two dominant-party candidates.

Historically, Libertarians pull votes roughly equally from Republican and Democratic voters, as well as from those who would not otherwise have voted.

Even without widespread media coverage, in the polls that have included her, Jorgensen has been able to triple her showing from when she was nominated, to today. 

Jorgensen has polled as high as eight percent in a statewide poll. Given that only 15 percent of voters even know her name, her campaign clearly offers a choice of potential interest to tens of millions of Americans.

“Voters deserve to know that they have a third choice when they cast their ballots,” said Jorgensen. “A real choice for positive change, rather than settling for the ‘lesser of the two evils.’”

“I challenge all of the national, mainstream media to emulate Fox and cover my campaign,” she said.