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A Libertarian is stumping in western Pa. for a ballot spot in the presidential election


The launch of the Jorgensen–Cohen 2020 16-day, 20-city campaign bus tour was covered by media over the weekend of Aug. 1–2. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Bill Schackner met Dr. Jorgensen for an interview following her speech in Pittsburgh on Aug. 1. Here are highlights of his article, “Is it Trump? Biden? Nope. It’s Jo Jorgensen” (Aug. 1, 2020):

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Reason News Article

Should Libertarians Vote for Biden, Jorgensen, or Trump? A Soho Forum Debate

for  Reason.


Ilya Somin, Angela McArdle, and Francis Menton debate how libertarians should cast their votes in 2020.   Read More

Jo Jorgensen at Florida LP Convention

The alternative presidential candidate: Jo Jorgensen runs for the Libertarian Party

for KSL-News Radio.

With just four months away from the general election in November, both the Republican and Democratic parties are ramping up their campaigns. However, many voters are unaware there’s a third candidate in the ring: Jo Jorgensen. Read More 

Jo in Tulsa talking on Healthcare

Libertarian Presidential Campaign Launches from Tulsa

By Jonathan Bartlett, Tulsa Today 6/27/20


“The turnout for such an impromptu event was expected to be less than thirty people, including the media. However, the crowd quickly overflowed the venue, and it was forced to move outside. Over a hundred people attended, all wanting to meet, ask questions, and take pictures with the Libertarian candidate.”  Read More 

Jo standing at Podium

The other “Jo,” wants your 2020 vote, if you’re fed up with the two-party system or if you’re not

From La Crosse Talk, WIZM News Talk 1410 AM 92.3 FM – interview aired on June 4, 2020.

Dr. Jo Jorgensen believes this is the best time to be a third-party candidate. And the best candidate might just be a woman not in her 70s. Read More

Jo Standing and Explaining

Jo Jorgensen has “impeccable credentials”

From Brandon Kirby of Libertarian Republic


Jo Jorgensen has arrived within the liberty movement. She has impeccable credentials as a libertarian and carries with her an impressive resume.  Read More


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