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Norway Today

Meet Dr. Jo Jorgensen, presidential candidate and granddaughter of Scandinavian immigrants

Dr. Jo Jorgensen is the third most popular candidate in the 2020 U.S. election, following Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

As part of the 2020 U.S. presidential election, Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden regularly frequent mass media headlines across the world.

Less portrayed, however – for now – is Dr. Jo Jorgensen, the third most-popular presidential candidate, who also happens to be ancestrally Scandinavian.

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Democrats and Republicans are fiscal utopians

by Jo Jorgensen | October 28, 2020 12:30 AM

A common charge leveled against libertarians is that we are utopians whose ideas may seem good in theory but don’t work in the real world. But this is precisely backward. The true wild-eyed utopians of American politics are the Republicans and Democrats, who think they can just keep on running up spending and debt without endangering the economy.

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Jo Let Her Speak

Washington Times notes pollster Zogby ‘irked’ that that Libertarian hopeful Jo Jorgensen is not getting much traction in the press

Veteran pollster John Zogby makes it a fierce point to poll voters on third-party or lesser known candidates. He is particularly irked that Libertarian hopeful Jo Jorgensen is not getting much traction in the press.
Zogby Analytics will always include third parties in our polls. It’s a shame when you have a respected, intelligent woman as a party nominee, and the mainstream media is pretending she doesn’t exist. Now who is sexist?” asks Mr. Zogby.
“Don’t give us that business that voting for a third party is a vote for Trump or Biden. So if you don’t fall in line with the duopoly you don’t have a voice? That’s not what the founders’ of our republic and constitution ever intended to happen.

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