Libertarian Dr. Jo Jorgensen rallies voters with messages of reforming health care and criminal justice

GREENVILLE, S.C.October 16, 2020—  Today Libertarian presidential candidate Dr. Jo Jorgensen, who appears on the ballot in all 50 states (plus D.C.), arrived in the Sunshine State for two days of rallies with supporters and voters. She will be sharing her freedom-focused platform, which includes slashing federal spending — thus taxation — ending U.S. involvement in wars overseas, and providing a truly free market in health care.

“I will make America one giant Switzerland — armed and neutral. The Swiss are not pacifists. They’re not isolationists,” said Jorgensen about her plan to recall troops from overseas. “They are a banking center. They accept tourism. People go in and out freely, and they trade with other people. That’s what I want the United States to look like.”

This afternoon, Dr. Jorgensen will be visiting supporters and media in St. Petersburg, and on Saturday afternoon, in Tallahassee.

Jorgensen’s campaign stops in Florida feature Libertarian Party leaders and down-ballot candidates, include media availability and are scheduled as follows (subject to change; times are shown in local time zone):

Friday, October 16; St. Petersburg
5:30–7 P.M.: Demens Landing Park, Bayshore Drive & 2nd Avenue South
Saturday, October 17; Tallahassee
1:30 P.M.– 3 P.M.: Florida State University, Landis Green, 143 Honors Way 

Dr. Jorgensen heads to Tennessee on Sunday. Her vice-presidential running mate, Jeremy “Spike” Cohen, campaigned in Orlando and Miami earlier this week, and will be stumping in Conroe, Texas on Saturday. For a full list of the candidates’ upcoming campaign events, visit

Media advisory: Rain or shine! The candidate will have media availability at most tour stops. A mult box will be available at the rallies, although no risers. Personal distancing protocols will be followed; the campaign will provide hand sanitizer and masks.  

For questions or to schedule an interview with Dr. Jorgensen during her Florida campaign stops, contact: