Cohen advocates increased freedom of movement, end to police militarization 

GREENVILLE, S.C.; Aug. 27, 2020  Libertarian vice-presidential hopeful Jeremy “Spike” Cohen is heading out west to rally supporters of the Jorgensen-Cohen ticket in Arizona and southern California.

On Friday, Cohen will visit Tempe, Arizona to talk about the pair’s platform and Libertarian solutions to many of the problems facing the U.S. 

“Our goals are to reduce the size of government so dramatically that the national debt will stop growing and start shrinking,” Cohen said, “to abolish the IRS, to radically reform our criminal-justice system to eliminate victimless “crimes” and immediately release those incarcerated for them, and demilitarize American police forces and eliminating qualified immunity for them. Libertarians also believe migration controls are an infringement on your right to host, hire, or house whomever you wish on your property, and to travel to properties where you are welcome.”

Joining Cohen on the program at the Tempe rally will be Libertarian Judge John Buttrick and Kim Ruff, one of Jorgensen’s early rivals for the presidential nomination this year.

Cohen will be heading to California for weekend rallies in San Diego and Huntington Beach.
Slated to speak in San Diego are Kalish Morrow, the Libertarian candidate for Hanford City Council, District B, and LP California Chair Honor “Mimi” Robson.

Robson believes Californians have a chance to call for real change this November. “Although it can’t possibly be said that politicians were responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic, they are responsible for their reaction to it, and its effects will last for decades. At both the state and national levels, our elected representatives decided to keep us in our homes and close our businesses,” she said. “In stark contrast, Dr. Jorgensen, who advocates for the free market, would have allowed companies to start developing and employing testing immediately, by using the Emergency Powers Act to allow the FDA to approve tests quickly.”

In Huntington Beach, speakers will include Wendy Hewitt, Riverside County LP secretary and a Calimesa Chamber of Commerce Director and 2012 Libertarian VP nominee Judge Jim Gray (ret.).

“A vote for Dr. Jorgensen will actually make a difference, because it will be counted as a vote against our country’s polarization, as well as the increasingly costly health-care system and our unnecessary wars,” said Judge Gray. “It will call attention to the failures of our government schools, and the obscene deficits that will handcuff our children and grandchildren for decades.” Gray added that it is “truly un-American” to exclude from the upcoming televised debates certain voters’ choice of candidate, especially when she is on the ballot in enough states to conceivably win the presidency.

Next week, Cohen’s campaign bus tour heads to Las Vegas, Reno, and Salt Lake City.

Cohen’s events also feature selected officials and down-ticket candidates, include media availability, and are scheduled as follows (subject to change; times shown in local time zone):

Friday, August 28; Tempe, Arizona
6 P.M.: Kiwanis Park Volleyball Court, 5500 S. Mill Ave., Tempe

Saturday, August 29; San Diego, California
1–3:30 P.M.: Crown Point Park, Crown Point Dr. and Moorland Dr., San Diego

Sunday, August 30; Huntington Beach, California
1 P.M.: Central Park East, 18100 Goldenwest St., Huntington Beach

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Media advisory: Rain or shine! Please be prepared for high temperatures. The candidates and leaders will have media availability at most tour stops. A mult box will be available at the rallies, although no risers. Personal distancing protocols will be followed; hand sanitizer and masks will be provided. 

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